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Here we go again. First reports from my news feed,

Phoenix police shooting is latest to ignite outcry


December 05, 2014 00:05 GMT
By TERRY TANG Associated Press
PHOENIX (AP) -- The deadly shooting of a black, unarmed drug suspect by a white Phoenix police officer who mistook a pill bottle for a gun demonstrates the challenges law enforcement agencies face at a time of unrest over police tactics.
Phoenix police say the officer feared 34-year-old Rumain Brisbon was armed, but some critics say the officer went too far.
Community members plan to gather Thursday night to protest the shooting, while others say they'll reserve judgment.
Police say the officer was investigating a drug sale Tuesday when Brisbon fled and got into a struggle with the officer. The officer thought he felt the handle of a gun while grabbing Brisbon's hand that was in his pocket.
Police say the officer repeatedly told Brisbon to keep his hand in his pocket and shot him twice when he didn't.

It remains to be seen if this will be a huge case or will disappear shortly.

A later report,

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Originally Posted by Ataturk View Post

This is interesting (the rest of the article, not so much).


Meh. Given that the number of people shot at by police is so small relative to the population of shooting subjects, there is a pretty good chance that the characteristics of the former are different than the latter. To me it seems pretty suggestive that the police actually hit every white person they shot at (which after all only amounts to 7 people in a city of 8 million). Suggests that a certain amount of white NYers are suiciding by police in a given year or preferring to die than get sent to jail. So I dont think this says too much about whether the NYPD are trigger happy with black suspects or not.

OTOH, probably that overlooks the main point which is that more than 70% of the very large number of shooting suspects in NYC, which means that there are inevitably going to be an enormous number of confrontations between heavily armed police and black people.
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So this is probably more a dumb political kind of post, but someone posted this:

A coroner will always rule a death a homicide when it was caused by another human being. At least that's my understanding.
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EXCLUSIVE: Rookie NYPD officer who shot Akai Gurley in Brooklyn stairwell was texting union rep as victim lay dying

In the six and a half minutes after Peter Liang discharged a single bullet that struck Gurley, 28, he and his partner couldn't be reached, sources told the Daily News. And instead of calling for help for the dying man, Liang was texting his union representative. What's more, the sources said, the pair of officers weren't supposed to be patrolling the stairways of the Pink Houses that night.

While Akai Gurley was dying in a darkened stairwell at a Brooklyn housing development, the cop who fired the fatal bullet was texting his union representative, sources told the Daily News.

Right after rookie cop Peter Liang discharged a single bullet that struck Gurley, 28, he and his partner Shaun Landau were incommunicado for more than six and a half minutes, sources said Thursday.

In the critical moments after the Nov. 20 shooting, the cops’ commanding officer and an emergency operator — responding to a 911 call from a neighbor and knowing the duo was in the area — tried to reach them in vain, sources said.

“That’s showing negligence,” said a law enforcement source of the pair’s decision to text their union rep before making a radio call for help.

“The guy is dying and you still haven’t called it in?”

To make things even worse, the officers were uncertain of the exact address of the building in the Pink Houses they were in, according to their text messages, the sources said.

So after negligently shooting a man, instead of getting help they get in touch with their union rep in hopes they won't get in trouble. Fantastic. cloud.gif
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

So after negligently shooting a man, instead of getting help they get in touch with their union rep in hopes they won't get in trouble. Fantastic. cloud.gif

The texting stuff was stupid and callous, and it slowed a response by medical emergency people ( if Gurley had a chance to survive ). But the damage was done before the texting.

I would be really shocked if there are no charges in this case. I do think it certainly was more likely an accident than a cold blooded, let alone premeditated murder. But, at the least, it seemed to be an avoidable accident.

So, I would expect a criminal charge involving negligence. I predict the cop will be charged with some sort of crime, will be convicted and will get probation. Of course he will be discharged from the force. And the family of Gurley will receive a large financial settlement. Is this justice? I don't know, but it's just my prediction.

One big difference to the Garner case is that this happened in Brooklyn. Staten Island has the most conservative population of the boroughs and the DA reflected his community. Brooklyn is different and I think there will be a different result.

I am not commenting on the disposition of either case but it seems sad that which borough a man is killed in will effect the ultimate disposition of the case. It's like the racial makeup of a Grand Jury, or a Trial Jury. Evidence and not a Jury's racial component should be first. But again sadly, it seems this is often not the case.
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After just a few hours of deliberation Tuesday, a Boulder County jury came to the same conclusion investigators did: Then-police officer Sam Carter plotted the kill and then used his badge to try to cover it up.

Carter was found guilty on all nine counts — including four felonies — filed against him after a weeklong trial.

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Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

. . . he said as he stood at the Lancome display.
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Can a Black person commit a hate crime. Some say no!

This just in,

St. Louis police allege hate crime in latest attack on Bosnian resident


Let's see how hard Holder and the DOJ investigate these incidents, and if BO comments.

Bevo Mill residents, whose neighborhood has seen a cumulative 24-percent rise in aggravated assaults over the last three months, say assaults and threats by packs of teenagers against Bosnians have become the norm. One who spoke to FoxNews.com on condition of anonymity due to safety reasons claims he and his family experienced a similar attack and said there is a disturbing pattern of violence against white residents in the area.

"It is common for African-American teens to walk in the middle of the street and block in cars at intersections," said the man, who has lived in the neighborhood for half a decade. "We have been stopped at intersections in Bevo and our car attacked by teens who pound on the car -- laughing at us."
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Let's get meta in here. Cato has a map of all the SWAT type raids with botched results. There's, uh, a lot of them.

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Cleveland police's fatal shooting of Tamir Rice ruled a homicide


"CNN's Journalistic Integrity Found Wanting" should be the headline.
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Isn't any death caused by direct human action called a "homicide" by the coroner's office?
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Yes, but the people CNN is trying to incite don't always know that.
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Texas cop under investigation for roughing up elderly man, 76, during bogus traffic stop (VIDEO)

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WTF is wrong with that cop? Fire him and charge him with assault with intent to do great bodily harm. Good on the other old guy for yelling at the cop.
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