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Paul Stuart or Drake's Knit tie?

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I understanD the difference in price, but if anyone has any experience with the two I would really appreciate a comparison of the two. Is the Drake's tie worth it? What are the differences? Thanks!
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I don't own any Paul Stuart, so it doesn't mean much when I say to go with the Drakes. I would, however, suggest that there are probably some alternatives in price/quality somewhere between the two that should be considered. Several of our affiliate vendors carry knits (Howard Yount, Kent Wang, and Henry Carter off the top of my head)

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Thanks for the info! I actually just through those two out there because I know they are made my different manufacturers, and know that most other knits are made by the same as Paul Stuart. That is one of the reasons I said price was not a huge issue as well.
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You should check out this thread: "The source of Drakes knit ties" - Paul Stuart is mentioned, too.
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Looking at the silk dot  ties (and judging by the shape of the dots and weave), it looks like Stuart does not share a maker with Howard Yount or Kent Wang. Don't know about Henry Carter. I think it's also possible that the woven silk is sourced from the same place but then actually constructed in different manufacturers. I don't really know much about the boutique tie business.


Paul Stuart:


Howard Yount


Henry Carter


Kent Wang

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Many PS ties are made by Drake's
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I cannot comment on the quality of Drake's knit ties, but I love my Paul Stuart knit and find it superior to knits from BB, J. Press, and RLPL.
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Oh Drakes 100%. I always think there's something of the night about Paul Stewart.
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