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Goodale Slim Selvedge Denim, Camo - High Rise?

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I want some slim camo pants and I love that these are selvedge. I like that the leg opening is 14.5'' and the fit looks good, but I'm not sure how I feel about the rise. My Unbranded 101s have a 9.5'' rise and I like how they sit. I guess I could go for a 10'' rise, but 10.5'' seems really high; like grandpa pants-at-tits status. I'm 6' with average-length legs if it matters.


Does anybody have experience with these or jeans with a similar rise? How do they compare to jeans that sit at the hip? Is wearing a belt awkward with them?


Even better, does anybody have experience with both these and the Goodale indigo raw slim jeans? Because I've tried those on, but not these; the measurements are slightly different and the fit looks way different in the pictures.


I'd look elsewhere, but I have $250. in J@ckthreads credit after returning shoes Android shoes and I don't see anything else that I want besides some derbys and a book that I'm getting for my brother-in-law.


Much appreciated,

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I don't have experience with those specific Camo Jeans you referenced, as they are too bold for me, but I do have some experience with ones with a similar rise from the same spring collection, these navy chinos with aztec print navajo cuffs.  Unfortunately, my experience might not be too helpful, as I bought them too slim for me (size 33 vs 34 inch natural waist), but I don't particularly remember the rise being problematic -- though I might be different from you in preferring that my jeans sit at my waist and not midway down my butt, which is why I buy for example Levis 513 vs 514.   I've returned them, but my main recollection was that these fit quite slim throughout from waist to thighs to knees; if you go TTS they are definitely going to sit and stay at your waist, but I don't believe they were excessively high-waisted.  You might in fact want to size up one.


However, I should note that what I bought were chinos, and not jeans.  I have come to the general conclusion that agrees with the forum's take that you aren't going to find a real quality jean for less than $100, and indeed all of Goodale's jeans have been less than impressive when I've worn them. In fact one of them ripped on the very day of their receipt, which, in conjunction with the less than stellar quality of JT's other goods, is why I've been drifting more upmarket in terms of my recent clothing purchases.  In particular, the weight of Goodale's jeans aren't much more than Levis and the stitching quality seems quite a bit worse in comparison.  For the most part I liked the styling of this spring collection and bought a few things from it, but I quite doubt that these jeans will last you alot of wear.


EDIT: Why is JT banned from being linked to at all? Is there any explanation for this anywhere? Anyhow, here is the link of the chinos I returned:

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They just dropped another sale. I think these are kind of cool:


Camo cargo pants:


Can't tell whether they're slim enough because the model has a weird stance. I wish they'd provide thigh measurements and not just leg openings.


Also, these are kind of cool:


Don't know how I feel about the camo lining.


Any experience with these brands?


Also, I'm becoming kind of suspicious of J@ckthreads' whole business model. The premise is that they seek out awesome deals, but I can never find the stuff that's posted for the "Retail" price anywhere else. And Goodale, their in-house brand, doesn't sell anywhere else. So how can their selvedge denim be marked-down from $190. when it's been selling only on JT for $50. since launch?

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I don't want to take up room with a new thread, but while we're on the topic of J@ckthreads, which I don't know why I can't post without censoring, does anybody know how the sizing of Hillsboro Derbys is?


I normally wear between size 11.5 and 13, depending on the shoe. The site says that these run a half size large. Don't know whether I should get 11s or 12s; they don't have 11.5s in stock.

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you're not going to find much info/help here about most of what is sold on j@ckthreads.  you'll be much better suited to save your money and buy something a little nicer.  


you hit the nail on the head with their business model....that should tell you enough about this company.  


don't get me wrong tho, you can find some nice cheap basics occasionally but for the most part i'd stay away.

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