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custom suits

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I recently bought two custom suits while overseas. I do not like the fit, the pants are too tapered and narrow and the jacket is too short. Basically I prefer a looser fit all around because my job involves physical activity and carrying equipment on my belt. I can't really blame the tailor, I'm sure it would be a great fit for someone with a regular office type job.

Anyway, the tailor offered to reimburse me if I can get it tailored here. Does anyone think it will be possible to widen the pants and get rid of the tapering, and make the jacket wider in the waist and longer? Or am I wasting my time even trying?
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I recently bought two custom suits while Or am I wasting my time even trying?

There is a remote chance for the jacket, but pretty much no for the trouser. Sorry to hear that.
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I'd say your wasting your time. Did you have fittings? Did you not see how it was going?
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I did have fittings....however it was my first time getting custom suits so I probably should have paid more attention. Like I said, I cannot blame the tailor because it is really nice stuff. But I tried wearing one to work and it just did not feel right.
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