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Missing Missoni Plane Update


A quick update on the case on Vittorio Missoni, the head of the Missoni fashion empire, whose plane went missing on January 4th in Venezuela. Venezuelan officials have recovered two pieces of luggage from the flight, one marked with Missoni’s name and another marked Castiglioni, Missoni’s life partner – who was also on the flight – on the island of Bonaire in the French Antilles. Both bags were found empty and damaged, with the internal zipped pockets opened. The plane has still not been recovered, and the authorities consider the case open. 


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An Adventure in Italy


Several months ago two Classic Menswear posters, maomao and gazman70k visited Italy on a sartorial adventure. They catalogued their journey in this excellent thread, complete with plenty of pictures of bespoke ateliers and high end Italian menswear shops. Happily, gazman followed up on the thread, and recently posted pictures of his delivered bespoke goods. And they’re nice. Check it out. 


The Best of the Best


Have you ever asked yourself “what are the best pictures ever posting in the Streetwear & Denim “What Are You Wearing Today?” thread”? If so, this thread is for you – a frequently updated rundown of the best and most-thumbed fits ever to be posted on the casual side of StyleForum. Very inspirational. 


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Stephan Schneider Cotton Coat, 7


Wings + Horns Cotton Mac Jacket, M


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