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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post

They have a place for me- I wear gray pants a lot, and it's nice to have a black casual shoe. I know this board likes brown with gray, and I often wear that myself, but black really does work better with gray in most contexts, IMO. So I wear black loafers

In a 5 shoe wardrobe, I don't think I'd recommend them, I'd just wear something like black longwings instead, which doubles as a suit appropriate shoe.


That seems sensible. I wear grey pants a lot too, but usually brown feels like the right choice. Perhaps it's just the rest of my wardrobe and/or habit at this point. It's pretty difficult to argue with black longwings as a second black shoe if there is to be one in a 5 shoe wardrobe; that seems like a solid choice.

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Originally Posted by The Upright Man View Post

Great thread.

Here's my list:

1) Black captoe oxford:

2) Snuff suede captoe:

3) Oxblood derbies/tan split toe derbies:

4) Dark brown wingtip oxfords:

5) Suede/burgundy loafers:

Very good list, I think I would change out the black wingtip oxfords for a boot or a chukka to make it more casual for my needs, but I love the burgundy loafers and the oxblood derbies.

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Carmina @ Skoaktiebolaget.


Four different lasts. Two for suits, and three for informal days. One cordovan, one grained skin, one suede and two calf.


Very versatile imo.

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Plain toe in black and brown, chelsea boots in black, penny loafer and a wet weather capable chukka.
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Aportney's (forum shoe faerie) 5 shoes list from one of the interviews/posts somewhere:


John Lobb Jermyn II in dark brown

Edward Green Dover in heather gorse

Edward Green Malvern in dark oak

Edward Green Chelsea in black

Edward Green Banbury in mink suede

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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post

I could get by with two pairs of chelseas -- black and brown -- and cover everything from casual to black tie.

The New Avengers ('Hostage') at lunch today. One of Steed's suits: grey; single button and single vent; envelope pockets; no breast pocket; no cuff buttons; grey velvet collar. Grey Herbert Johnson bowler (with hidden automatic pistol). Worn with mushroom suede Chelsea boots. Second (darker) suit worn with mid brown suede Chelsea boots. Whangee umbrella (one-piece) naturally.

Maybe it takes three pairs, assuming you add black? Four, with tan?

A friend was recounting the familiar story of buying a stick in James Smith; the staff determined the stick too long and took it off to be shortened. I wonder whether the staff deliberately choose a stick too long, so as to offer this shortening to leave the customer with a feeling of old-fashioned service (and often, for umbrellas, a disproportionately short end).
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1. EG Chelsea Black

2. EG Midford Black

2. EG Inverness Burgundy

3. EG Galway Dark Oak/Mink Suede

4. EG Banbury Dark Oak


I wear suits to work everyday, and work in finance so 2  black shoes are a must.  Inverness works with navy and grey suits that are my norm.  The Galway and Banbury can work with a suit in a pinch as well as look great with jeans, odd trousers etc. 

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As an undergrad student, I don't wear suits so my list would go like this:

1) dark brown double monkstrap in dark brown [AE neumora]

2) tan bucks [AE strandmok] / saddle shoes

3) penny loafer in navy [AE sedona]

4) workboots [Wolverine 1000 mile]


and a pair of trainers

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Originally Posted by Patrick R View Post

1. Casual beaters - get worn everyday: calf skin chukka with Dainite sole



2 and 3. Punched captoes in black and brown




4. Suede




5. Cordovan


Hi Patrick, I wonder where did you get your 1. chukka boot? thx

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Originally Posted by ghimmmm View Post

Hi Patrick, I wonder where did you get your 1. chukka boot? thx

Allen Edmonds Malvern (discontinued).
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