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Feedback request for new blog: A Complete Southern Gentleman

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All, I've lurked for years, but this is my first post. For that, I apologize, since I'm asking for something. I'd really appreciate some feedback on a blog I've been working on for a few weeks about clothes, drinks, accessories, manners, etc from a Southern angle. The latest item is on the Allen Edmonds Strand, though there are also posts on sunglasses and blazers so far.


The link is:


Thanks to any who can spare a few minutes. Any well-meant (including harsh) feedback here or in comments there is really appreciated!

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Dunno if this is simply shameless self promotion, but I will bite because there are a few things wrong with it that I see.


One of my biggest pet peeves with men's blogs is that they try to throw this artificial gentlemanly etiquette at you. I understand that there are polite and gentlemanly ways to act, but most men shouldn't need a guide book for that, only a decent upbringing that is appropriate in their social setting. I know my life and what is and is not appropriate in it. Let's talk about clothes, drinks, cigars, whatever, but don't tell me how to act. The layout and style also looks awkward. If you are going to talk about things that look good then your webpage should be as elegant as the subject.


BTW, I enjoyed the post on shooting. I myself am an avid shooter and gun collector.

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Caustic, I'm not ashamed to self-promote, but when you make something eventually you have to throw it out to the world beyond your family and friends for feedback. None of them had yet said my layout looked awkward. I expect that sort of thing here from strangers who care about how things look and how people present themselves. That's what I need to make it better. So thank you!


And BTW, I'm planning to post on custom 1911s before long- if you get a chance to check back, let me know what you think of that as a gun guy.

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Agreed that you need a different page style.

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Originally Posted by ACSG View Post

Caustic, I'm not ashamed to self-promote


There is nothing wrong with self promotion, however it becomes a little tired and inappropriate when a person comes on to a forum for no other reason than to promote. I'm not saying that is what you are doing, but it happens enough for me to be wary. Whatever the case may be, I hope my critique helped.

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I totally understand. I'll have to stick around, I think. Thanks for the help.

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I really do not think that your views on what is right or wrong are of use or interest to anyone. This is simply self promotion which tends not to benefit you at all: It certainly does not benefit readers.
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GBR, thanks for looking and commenting. It's not meant to be for everyone- if it's not at all for you, then I really do appreciate you taking the time to look. 


I'm already reviewing bids for a designer to help me improve the look and flow based on comments above because I seriously value what this forum has to say about the concept. I'll bump this when I have a redesign up, but won't otherwise post before that unless there are specific questions.



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