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LW was incredibly enjoyable, and as many have said an easy and engaging read with the way that the book is set up. Some of the stereotypes and plot points really bothered me though. Not sure I'll be continuing the expanse series at this point but I would still recommend it to anyone whose interested. Just gave the book to a friend, actually.
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Just finished Lee Child's 'A Wanted Man' -yes guilty pleasure time.

About a third of the way through 'Caliban's War' and enjoying it, although it's not grabbing me as much as LW did.
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finished abaddon's gate! all good but yeah the first date was the most memorable, as they say. really this opens up to endless possibilities in the future
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Reading the Light between Oceans, as Amazon's Best of 2012 lists are usually pretty good (that's how I found the Fault in our Stars).

Figured I'd give some literary fiction a spin after the indulgent genre fiction that was Leviathan's Wake. Has anybody read the other books in the series? How are they?
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Just read Bolano's first book, Antwerp, and was very impressed by it. A detective story I guess, but with plot line totally fragmented and jumbled, characters only hinted at. About 50 short scenes, all visuals and surfaces, plus general atmosphere of disaster and despair. A good reminder of why I like him so much.
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Reading 'Yiddish Policeman's Union'.


This book is totally rad.

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Oh interesting realization I had while reading leviathan wakes
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
when they launch the mormon ship at eros and it jumps in space away from it, julie/protomolecule yells "don't fucking touch me!" which is probably what she yelled when she beat up those dudes when the scopuli was boarded.
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Originally Posted by LonerMatt View Post

Reading 'Yiddish Policeman's Union'.

This book is totally rad.

Agreed - I loved it. Chabon is a really enjoyable author.
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Have you read any of his other books, JM?

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Originally Posted by LonerMatt View Post

Have you read any of his other books, JM?

LM, I've read "Gentlemen of the Road" and "The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay".

They're both different from YPU, but very good.
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Finished Yiddish Policeman's Union yesterday. What a great novel. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


It follows the story of Meyer Landsman, a detective who finds a dead man in the hotel he is living out of. The story follows his journey around Stika (in Alaska) which, instead of Israel, became the place for Jews to live following WW2. The investigation (as in all great detective stories, except Sherlock, that is) goes awry, and becomes infinitely more complex.


The author (Michael Chandon) has an extremely entertaining, engaging and visceral use of language. I found that even when the story wasn't drawing me in I just loved how he wrote. The detective is divorced, and the descriptions of how he considers he old relationship, in particular, are amazing and beautiful.


Highly recommended. One of the better books I've read this year.

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Finished Caliban's War. Took a while to hook me in, but I really enjoyed it. Plot and pace are the authors' strengths rather than characterisation. You don't get many co-authored books outside of sci-fi.
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I love the first book's characterization the best MoK. Maybe because it's more focused, having less to deal with.
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Finally got around to reading The Forever War. I think the concept of having to deal with constant change due to relativity quite interesting. Not 100% a fan of the ending, but I do see why people love it so much. Definitely one I'm going to have to purchase at some point rather than just rent from the library.


Also read Caliban's War. Good, Leviathan Wakes is better, not too deep (just like LW). I'll probably pick up Abbadon's Gate at some point in the near future, most definitely before school starts back up. 


The trip to the library was really nice, in addition to those two I picked up The Unincorporated Man and His Dark Materials.

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Junot Díaz's The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is, so far, very good. The voice of the narrator reminds me of the wise-guy tenor of Thomas Pynchon or Tom Robbins (with maybe a bit of Eggers in there too), and his use of sci-fi pop culture references and Spanish (slang? Baxter you know I don't speak Spanish) blend together in a very unique, playful style. One of my favorite aspects of the novel has to be the narrator's colorful historicism: a bunch of somewhat lengthy footnotes reflect on Antillean (and occasionally American) history with the same sort of sardonic punch that, say, Chicagoans employ whenever they talk about corrupt city politics and shitty public parking. GOOD BOOK.

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