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I've heard only good things - think that's the gf's favourite book/author - should rent from the library.

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I'm looking for amazing short stories to edit into dramatic monologues. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm thinking of something psychological and unexpected, along the lines of Roberto Bolaño, but nothing immediately jumps out...
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For short stories I love Maugham. Rain is probably the most famous but it's worth buying one of the collections that's out there.
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Thanks! I've read a few of his but was't aware of that one...

It looks like a big challenge, but I think I'll try it out.
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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

Chomsky Foucault debate on human nature. If you've seen the vid this doesn't add much more, a few texts from each author.

I thought of Teger when reading omnes et singulatim so maybe he should read that (it is available online). It's a Foucault text on state, the shepherd and "police".


Random quote from the first page of this thread. This is actually one of the first academic texts I've ever read, was as a first semester freshman, dug it up again recently after having been assigned stuff on linguistics. Still very interesting, and I remember reading that Foucault was paid in hashish for his TV appearance. I haven't re-watched the interview but I remember the impression was that Foucault most likely knew nothing of generative grammar but kept pressing Chomsky to sketch out a view on human nature, which is actually unfair since Chomsky's ethics of human creativity at the time was much more justified on empirical work than the shit Foucault was used to dispelling. Then I read some random biography on Foucault where it said he re-wrote most of History of Human Sexuality after tripping on LSD with a random couple he met at a conference. Pretty much stopped paying attention after that.

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Wow, I miss this thread...

And also reading the way I used to. I'm crunched for time these days, and have made few literary discoveries. I have managed to find a few worthwhile comics, though. They are:

The Vision. Tom King, a former counter-terrorism worker and author of the novel A Once Crowded Sky, takes Marvel's Vision character and moves him into the suburbs along with the 'sythnthezoid' family he creates. The ruminative plot is slow-moving and actionless, and contains none of the cheesy hijinks you would expect, instead focusing on deeper themes of love, family, commitment, public vs. private self, and the nature of humanity, just to name a few. The tone is dark and sad, and I was just really impressed by this one. All twelve issues are completed, too, so you can read it in one go.

Paper Girls. A period/sci-fi piece from Brian K. Vaughan, best known for Saga and his Y: The Last Man series. Set in 1988, just after Halloween, the story follows a group of paper delivery girls who get wrapped up in some odd shenanigans. Great characters and period details -- this one was recommended to me as a fan of the show Stranger Things, and the 80s in general. (Still ongoing, not sure about the overall plans for this one...)

Jessica Jones. A continuation of Brian Bendis's limited Alias book from back in the day, which is my favorite graphic thing ever, brought back to capitalize on the recent Netflix show. Thankfully, it's true to the old series and character: Jessica Jones is a cranky, middle-aged former quasi-superhero turned detective who's personal life is in shambles. She interacts with famous Marvel characters, though these are presented in a much more complex and adult way, and used to explore things other than punching. Bendis is my favorite dialogue writer, with a style learned from people like David Mamet and Tony Kushner, and when he's on his game, he really shines, IMHO. Only 4-5 issues so far, but I'm hoping we end up with something like the original.

*spelling and grammar issues courtesy of my shitty phone.
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Originally Posted by noob in 89 View Post
The ruminative plot is slow-moving and actionless, 


insta-cop, thanks (not sarcastic)

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