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Cultural criticism nowdays would probably just be any general opinion piece on society, its customs, politics, arts, etc. The most prominent modern intellectual to master this genre would be Jacques Barzun, whose style and focus descend from William Hazlitt, and perhaps earlier from Montaigne. Literary criticism is a much more academic practice not usually reserved for popular periodicals, or even for most literary magazines.

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No, I gotcha. I just thought you were looking for something (at least purportedly) more academic. That's interesting, though -- the peeps down here would barely consider the popular stuff as deserving of the term. (Not that I agree).

Anyway, sorry for the derail. I'd also like to find some more quality options.
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ive recommended this before, but just want to do so again (my favourite "pop" science book)

pioneers in cultural evolution/gene-culture co-evolution research summarizes their theory and data in a very readable and overall great book. Was mindblowing for me when I first read it , and made me change focus on my own research. Really points out how important culture is for human behavior and human evolution (first point usually not emphasized in psychology/sociobiology, and the latter point really integrating culture with biological evolution).

Not by Genes Alone: How Culture Transformed Human Evolution - Peter J Richerson & Robert Boyd

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