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Speaking of post-modern authors, has anyone read any of John Barth's books?


I really enjoyed "The Sot-Weed Factor" while I was at uni and subsequently read another of his novels, "Giles Goat-Boy".


I didn't enjoy Giles as much as the Sot-Weed Factor, but both were interesting and worthwhile reads. I think that they came out at around the same time as Pynchon's Lot 49.

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If you liked Lot 49, the traditional pairing is Barth's Lost in the Funhouse, which is also excellent in it's way.
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68. Taipei


This novel comes from that smug and lonely NYC/East Coast bubble of pretentious hacks who lack any vision, ability, perspective or authority. It is a meandering and dull waste of time that follows Paul (obviously the writer Tao Lin) as he ingests a lot of drugs and awkwardly achieves nothing of consequence. Dialogue focuses around nothing, everyone avoiding making choices, half heartedly agreeing to do drugs, etc. None of the characters are interesting, nothing about their lives are compelling. The writing is so severely lacking in detail, depth, reflection or action as to be possibly a ure for ALL sleeping problems. It's not even interesting enough to be a critique of some modern day lifestyles, trends or reality, it's too insubstantial to offer anything at all.


I have no idea why this book garnered any positive feedback or criticism, it is an absolute bore and proffers nothing at all. Any one who enjoyed this would be the sort of person I'd want to avoid.


The book is like early Brad Easton Ellis, just without any of the compelling parts, originality, surprises or style.


This was worse than the Swan Book (just shorter). If someone gives you this for Christmas consider never seeing them again.

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