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I made a 2014 reading list. 50 books is a lil too high for me though, my goal is more like 25ish.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Pynchon - Against the Day
Nabokov - Bend Sinster
Nabokov - Annotated Lolita
Martin Amis - The Information
Dumas - Le compte de Monte Cristo
Laurence Sterne - A Sentimental Journey and Other Writings
Bulgakov - The Country Doctor's Notebook
Cervantes - Don Quixote
Proust - A l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleur
James - The Bostonians
Gaddis - A Frolic of His Own
DT Max - DFW Biography
Barth - Lost in the Funhouse
DFW - Girl with Curious Hair
another Beckett novel or two
The Holy Bible
Book of Irish fairy tales and folklore (edited by Yeats)
Rabelais - Gargantua et Pantagruel
Connor - Two Girls, One on Each Knee (abt cryptic crosswords)
Gossett - Divas and Scholars (abt italian opera)
Mann - The Magic Mountain
Tolkien - The Silmarillion
Ovid - Metamorphoses
Turgenev - Fathers and Sons
Augustine - Confessions
Barthelme - Overnight to Many Distant Cities

From Gargantua and Pantagruel, Chapter 15:

"Afterwards I wiped my bum, said Gargantua, with a kerchief, with a pillow, with a pantoufle, with a pouch, with a pannier, but that was a wicked and unpleasant torchecul; then with a hat. Of hats, note that some are shorn, and others shaggy, some velveted, others covered with taffeties, and others with satin. The best of all these is the shaggy hat, for it makes a very neat abstersion of the fecal matter.

Afterwards I wiped my tail with a hen, with a cock, with a pullet, with a calf’s skin, with a hare, with a pigeon, with a cormorant, with an attorney’s bag, with a montero, with a coif, with a falconer’s lure. But, to conclude, I say and maintain, that of all torcheculs, arsewisps, bumfodders, tail-napkins, bunghole cleansers, and wipe-breeches, there is none in the world comparable to the neck of a goose, that is well downed, if you hold her head betwixt your legs. And believe me therein upon mine honour, for you will thereby feel in your nockhole a most wonderful pleasure, both in regard of the softness of the said down and of the temporate heat of the goose, which is easily communicated to the bum-gut and the rest the inwards, in so far as to come even to the regions of the heart and brains. And think not that the felicity of the heroes and demigods in the Elysian fields consisteth either in their asphodel, ambrosia, or nectar, as our old women here used to say; but in this, according to my judgment, that they wipe their tails with the neck of a goose, holding her head betwixt their legs, and such is the opinion of Master John of Scotland, alias Scotus.
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definitely the next book i'm reading now
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Wogbog, you don't read in French, do you? I was wondering if you were planning to burrow down into the new translations of Proust, which are, IMHO, effing sweet. Particularly the second book, which I saw was on your list. I'm torn between finishing this year and going back and reading them rapid-fashion, all at once -- total immersion -- as some recommend.
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I probably read 2-4 books a week. some recents:

expanse triology
the informationist (so stupid)
first 4 books of the darkness series
a man on the moon
the ten thousand trilogy (really good)

currently reading:

the hot house
final 2 books of the darkness series when they come in the mail
day of the triffids
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i also reread a book of ellis, american psycho, less than zero, glamorama, rules of attraction.. also like 50 shit zombie books, and a one really good one: the reapers are angels (cormac mccarthy meets max brooks)
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I asked some family that´s travelling to  pick up some maupassant, flaubert or proust in french while they´re on holidays. My level is not quite there so that it is not such a hard read, but I welcome the challenge. Also requested if they could find Mishima´s "the temple of the golden pavillion" and a few from murakami. Oh, and "Game of thrones". Been wanting to read that for a while but bookstores in my city only have the books in spanish.

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I'd proxy them for you if you wanted smile.gif
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That´s very kind of you, man. I´m gonna wait first to see if they end up finding any. But I´ve always known online was the best bet at getting most of the books I want.

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My reading list:


The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin


The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson (unfortunately my book is beat up so I'm going to have to return to Amazon for a different one)


Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy


Still trying to work on Collected Stories by Jorge Borges

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Blood Meridian is a hard read
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So is The Road, mostly because it is emotionally punishing.


I'm currently reading Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving. I really Irving's A Son of the Circus, so I'm anticipating more goodness.

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This will be my second attempt at Meridian, stopped by an absence of days spent lounging at the pool due to a return to college and a disturbingly small recollection of high school español.


On the bright side The Dispossessed has been just superb... between this and The Left Hand of Darkness I'm amazed how ignorant I was about Le Guin.

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Pushing through 'Hard Boiled Wonderland at the end of the World' - easily the worst Murakami I've read (the only I've disliked). 50 pages to go and can't wait to get onto something new.

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Judge Holden is definitely an all time character.
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