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No, this is a SW&D reading thread.
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Originally Posted by kashmir View Post

Finished Unbearable Lightness of Being last week and actually stepped back in time and started reading Beyond Good and Evil.

I seriously just read that last week myself. I'm currently reading Junot Diaz' "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" and I've been sort of neglecting Jonathen Lethem's The Ecstasy of Influence along with a small pile of comics beside my bed.
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Originally Posted by vegs View Post

Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. Not liking it as much as I did The Road, but still good.
Next up is probably the last novel in the Foundation series (sci fi), Foundation and Earth.

Did you get to the first Comanche scene?
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Just finished Art of Fielding (solid book to read as spring training opens up for baseball fans) and The Fault in Our Stars, both were pretty good easy readin'.

Started Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore last night, seems promising.
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Originally Posted by rjbman View Post

Screw the short stories, got a sample of Leviathan Wakes and can't put it down. 

Halfway through and enjoying it.
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Fell into the hype and picked up leviathan wakes two days ago.

My schedule is as follows: work from 9-5, head straight home and read until I fall asleep lol. Maybe grab some food to eat, while reading.

I haven't enjoyed a book like this in a long time. With these kinds of books i prefer to read really slow... So I'm only about 1/3 through but really liking it.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

this is a wrong opinion frown.gif

Only three weeks late, but what you meant was that you think Blood Meridian is better than The Road, right?

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Thread Starter 

Home for break, debating between reading Philip K. Dick short stories or picking up some McCarthy from the library (I've only read The Road). Any thoughts?

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Reading "Both Flesh and Not," David Foster Wallace essays, and just totally unreasonably excited about them.
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DFW is always a fun read.

Just finished up re-reading Dune again, nice that it's still a fun read after all these years. Re-reading Sand County Almanac again, which I like to do pretty much once every year. Lovely book, if any of you guys are interested in nature writing, conservation, and earlier writings on man-nature relationships it's an amazing read. I never get tired of it, especially during the spring and summer when I'm outside a lot more often.
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Raymond Carver's Will You Please Shut the Fuck Up, Please?
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post


"A Short History of Nearly Everything" (Bill Bryson) and "E=MC^2, a biography" (David Bodanis) are my two go-to science recommendations.
Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

Just finished up re-reading Dune again, nice that it's still a fun read after all these years.

Once I finish 9 more Wheel of Time books on my final re-read, I'll probably reread Dune and actually try to get to the end of all the Herbert written sequels - I only got halfway through God Emperor, IIRC.
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If you're into "science-y" stuff like that check out The Clockwork Universe, it's pretty incredible.

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Pop culture book but "internet" theory is so poor that someone has to destroy the whole edifice.

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