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Hi, I work at a smaller but very successful SaaS company in San Francisco as a software engineer.  I'm almost 29 now and I've been thinking of getting into product management like some other software engies.  Unfortunately I have no experience in prod mgmt and all my friends have stayed engies.  I have a decent relationship with the head of business development at my company and he said he would introduce me to one of the product managers at our company.  He also suggested I talk to the Chief Products Officer about my desires, whom I don't have a relationship with.


The other hurdle is engineering management does not want to lose engineers to product management.  Being one of the stronger engineers,I don't think my manager nor the VP of engineering wants me to switch roles.  All the product mgrs eventually report to the VP of engineering, so I think my only shot is to talk to the CPO.


So I have 2 questions:


1.  Do I need to tell my manager this first?

2.  Should I meet with the product manager first or the Chief Products Officer?  I never wear slacks to work, but for these meetings I should right?  Then again I don't want to set off any alarms within my engineering team.