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For Sale: All Natural, Non-Toxic, Shoe Polish

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$19.95 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
All Natural, Non-Toxic, Shoe Polish

Will Ship To: Anywhere

After giving shoe care advice in the “The Official Shoe Care Thread: Tutorials, Photos, etc.” thread for the last couple of years I decided to make my own shoe polish. Not just any shoe polish, but all natural, non-toxic shoe polish.

I wanted to make something that would compete in quality with Saphir cream polish, but also be non-toxic and smell pleasant.

I actually like the smell of the turpentine solvent that Saphir uses in their products, but my wife hates the smell. So I decided to create GlenKaren Care Products (shoe polish).

I use food grade orange oil as the solvent in my polish, so it has a mild citrus smell to it. I also use coconut oil for the conditioner, as well as beeswax and carnauba wax for shine. Non-toxic earth pigment is used for coloring.

I also created a high shine paste that is very high in carnauba wax, as well as a very creamy cleaner/conditioner.

All products come in a 3oz (100ml actually) tureen jar. The Cream Polish currently comes in 4 colors: Black, Dark Brown, Brown, and Light Brown.

The High Shine paste is Neutral in color, and the Cleaner/Conditioner is clear in color.
I put up a web site at (www.glenkarencare.com) to explain the products in more detail.

Each 3oz Jar of polish (and cleaner/conditioner) sells for $19.95. (did I mention it is all natural, non-toxic, and hand crafted).

I wanted to give a discount to the members of this forum for the initial release of the polish, but the cost of shipping would negate any realistic discount I could offer. So, for members in the continental United States, I will ship your order USPS priority mail and I will pick up the shipping for the next couple of weeks (offer ends March 1st 2013).

I apologize to all of the members outside the United States, but the shipping for a product of this price is so out of scale that it simply does not make sense to sell and ship small quantities (but I can if you want to incur the shipping costs).

I do hope to make this a commercial enterprise at some point so if anyone knows of a reseller in Europe, Canada, Australia, or Asia that would carry this type of product please let me know (I hope to have resellers in the US soon).

In any case, please help a fellow member out and buy a jar of my polish. Thanks.
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Congrats and best of luck with the new venture!
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I am going to place some order.
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This is awesome. I literally just ordered a bunch of Saphir creams this week, but will look to pick up some of these when I run dry.
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You should give some key members some to test and write a review. I would read and buy for sure.
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You should give some key members some to test and write a review. I would read and buy for sure.
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great idea! wishing you all the best in your venture.
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Gotta love you Oregon liberals!

I will place an order when my Saphir runs out, no doubt!
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Thanks for all the support guys. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about the product.
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Originally Posted by glenjay View Post

Thanks for all the support guys. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about the product.

Congratulations and all the best on your new venture...

I'd be interested to know if you have done some efficacy results on leather over time? How did you come up with the right composition results? I believe large houses have a R&D maybe you do to...but I'm curious?
I'm not trying to be overtly inquisitive but I'm sure this will help.
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Thank you for your support sstomcat.

Since this specific product is new it would be difficult to show efficacy results on leather over time right now.

However, there are examples of orange oil being used as a leather cleaner. One example is Milsek who makes a natural orange leather cleaner and conditioner, and Milsek has been in business since 1914, their slogan is “The one your grandmother used”.

Coconut oil is used in thousands of skin care products, and has a lower rancidity rate than any other oil that exists; plant or animal.

The nice thing about using a simple ingredient base of just natural wax, orange oil and coconut oil is that there is not a lot of unknowns. In fact there are a lot of known benefits (which I tried to spell out on the product site).

Of course I would never ask someone to use something I would not use myself, so I will post some pictures of my shoes after being polished with my GlenKaren polish.

And, not just any shoes; I will post pictures of a pair of $1,200 Berluti shoes, and a $900 pair of Edward Green shoes, because I believe that this polish is actually better for your shoe leather than what is currently available, and should be used on any and all smooth leather shoes.

I’ll be happy to show the shoes again in 10 or 20 years.
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Amazing! No more Saphir for me.
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This sounds wonderful. I'm going to place an order today and will be happy to share results.
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As Promised:

Black, quarter brogue, Adelaide, Edward Green shoes on the 888 last, polished with GlenKaren polish:

Rubbed down with GlenKaren Leather Cleaner/Conditioner:

Brush shine with GlenKaren Black Cream Polish:

Mirror shine on toe and heel counter with GlenKaren High Shine Paste Polish:

Close up of toe in natural lighting:

I will post images of the Brown Berluti shoes in the next day or so.
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Best of luck with this venture, glenjay - props to you for getting a product out into the market.

Question - you mentioned that it's not turpentine based. I assume then that it is "cordovan safe," so to speak? I know Saphir just made a big deal about the release of their cordovan creams specifically tailored for cordo rather than calf.

Just wondering about a few more details smile.gif

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