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Advice on Groom and Groomsmen

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Dear Style Forum members,

I've been browsing this forum for a little while now, and have been reading your posts about classic menswear and groomsmen with interest. I have some ideas but am a little out of my depth and I hope that you can help me. I understand that this is a community full of knowledge and I respect your opinions.

I'm not educated in style, etiquette or tradition (except for the short time reading this forum) so I would greatly appreciate your input. The wedding is this summer in England. The ceremony is in a castle at 11am, with the afternoon reception and evening party in an informal setting (tipis in a field, low tables, hay bales, no seating plan). The day will begin quite formally but will become less formal in the late afternoon and evening.

One complication is that I am working in Vietnam until one month before the wedding. I have found a tailor who I believe to be trustworthy and competent who will be making my suit (bespoke). She only uses high quality fabrics from Europe and works in both Ho Chi Minh City and Paris. My thoughts on my suit are as follows:
Three piece, peak lapel?, dark charcoal wool, white shirt… not sure about shoes, pocket square or tie. Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated.

I have come to realise that matching groomsmen is definitely something that I want to avoid, I don't like the uniform look and much prefer the idea of people wearing what they are comfortable in. The only thing is that I don't think any of my groomsmen will have suitable suits in their wardrobes. I think it may be best to go with the groomsmen to look for suits to buy. Therefore, I feel that I need advice on what styles/colours of suits we should be looking for for the groomsmen. Should I try to keep them in dark two piece suits, or would it be acceptable for them to choose lighter colours and patterns? Should we have matching ties? We're all early 30's, slim built and unfamiliar with formal events.

My fiancee is having dresses tailored for the three bridesmaids. Their dresses will not match in cut or colour. They will be in turquoise, teal and possibly purple.

At the moment, we're thinking that the boutonnieres will be mostly green with a touch of white and purple (possibly herbs and heather rather than flowers), to compliment the bridesmaids. However, if you think that this would be inappropriate I would love to hear your thoughts. I wouldn't be against using warmer colours as it is a summer wedding.

With that said, I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I realise that I've asked a lot of different questions and I hope that I don't offend in any way. If anybody would like the contact details for the tailor in HCMC just let me know, she began by tailoring suits but now also designs and makes dresses.

Kind regards


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Thank you.

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