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I am about to commission my first bespoke overcoat from Napolisumisura. The styling will basically be very similar to Taka's Liverano coat (as worn by Alan from the Armoury below):

Now to the fabric. I have decided to go for a medium grey herringbone fabric, and have narrowed down the selections to Harrisons (600 gr), W Bill (635 gr) and Dugdale nr 6305 (760 gr).

Dugdale nr 6305:

I like Harrison's sophisticated look and know others seem to be very satisfied with their overcoating fabrics. I also like W Bill as a slightly heavier than Harrison's but still sophisticated alternative, but have not read anything about their overcoatings. However, living in Sweden, I am leaning towards Dugdale as of now due to the weight, but I have not seen or handled the fabric in person. I have read about it here and on Cutterandtailor, but cannot really imagine how it will turn out. Does anyone have an overcoat made from Dugdale's?

Any feedback appreciated!