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Shell cordovan belts

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Thread Starter Lands' End for some time has offered a shell cordovan belt in color 8 for $89. Has anyone purchased this belt that can comment on the quality? My thinking is that not just any belt maker could work with shell cordovan and perhaps this is a belt made by the same maker as makes Alden shell belts or Ben Silver. Can anyone shed some light on this belt?
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Strange, they only have it in 32, 38, 40 ... totally skipping 34 and 36? It's a good price, though. Too bad they don't have a bigger picture so we could see if/how it's put together from shorter pieces.
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I think shell cordovan belts are always made from multiple pieces. The horsehide isn't big enough to cut an entire belt from lengthwise.
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They had a full range of sizes when they started out, but the sizes not seen sold out quickly from what I recall. I too had heard/read that shell cordovan belts must be made in pieces. In speaking with Lands' End, they confirmed that belt is made that way. They don't have my size or I would give the belt a try. lands' End has a very liberal return policy.
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While on the topic of belts - anyone ever seen the Sulka belts that Flusser mentioned - yellow webbing with alligator trim? They sound great, I've always hoped to find one.
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