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What do we think of charcoal brown suits?

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Thinking about commissioning one for my fall rotation. One would think it would work for me (silver/grey hair, well tanned complexion), but one rarely if ever sees this color in the wild and the color is seldom discussed here.
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Is this a solid?

I googled it and only came up with stripes and this.
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Really dark shades of brown are extremely hard to get right, in my experience. They easily take on a manurial/dungy quality, which does no favors to your complexion.
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Contemplating a solid with subtle texture (say, a pick & pick). I've seen a charcoal brown at my tailor's in a suit he was doing up for a client. It was more grey than brown. In fact, it was hard to detect the brown unless it was in the sun and contrasted with a true grey. But ... I'm sure there are different tones one can choose that highlight the brown a bit more.
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I have a very dark brown fresco (via Slewfoot) and a brown flannel chalkstripe. I also have greyish hair and a darker complexion. I really like them both and wear often (in season). I just bought some vintage John Hardy pinstripe/heringbone in brown and will have that made up later this year. I also have 4 brown odd jackets.
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I found a couple of references, but screen colors can be tricky...

A vintage suit on ebay.

I like the idea. But then I'm a fan of brown in general.
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Check the WAYWRN thread today - I have posted photos of my dark brown track stripe three-piece flannel suit. It may give you some idea as to the final appearance of a charcoal brown suit (though my coloring and the OP's are quite different).
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I had one made up last year. Dark brown with black nailhead. Looks great with blue or pink. It's in my regular rotation

Also have a Brooks Bros/Zegna brown flannel three piece that's in my winter rotation.
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By the way, my browns look great with chestnut shoes.
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