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Sorry, videos do not exist.
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final trailer
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'X-Men' director Bryan Singer accused of sexually abusing underage boy
April 17, 2014, 1:30 AM EST
By L.A. Ross

"X-Men" director Bryan Singer is being accused of "sexual abuse" of a teenage boy in a lawsuit filed Wednesday, according to court documents obtained by TheWrap.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Hawaii, plaintiff Michael Egan, who was named in a press release by his lawyers, was 17 when he was forcibly sodomized by Singer, among other accusations.
The suit alleges Singer provided Egan with drugs and alcohol and flew him to Hawaii for sex on more than one occasion in 1999 and claims that Egan was not the only underage boy who was abused.

The abuse allegedly began in 1998, shortly after Egan was lured to parties at a house where a high school friend lived, the lawsuit claims. The house, known as the M & C Estate, was often the site of "notorious parties" where adult males allegedly preyed on young boys.

Attorney Jeff Herman said he planned to file more lawsuits against Singer and others involved in the parties.

"Hollywood has a problem with the sexual exploitation of children," Herman said. "This is the first of many cases I will be filing to give these victims a voice and to expose the issue."

A representative for Singer did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.
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Have you ever seen a grown Wolverine naked?
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This made me laugh:

X-Men: Days of Future Past (n.) — Bryan Singer’s new movie. Rumored to contain more than 15 minutes of as-yet-unseen footage from X-Men: Days of Future Past.

From this article.
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Here's why Prof X can walk.

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Farmgirl Mystique.
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My physique is a lot like her's
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Rebecca Romijn rocked it harder.

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Well, considering Rebecca Romijn was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Jennifer Lawrence is a corn-fed girl from Kentucky, not much a contest really..
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I think kate upton would make a good mystique
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I think the movie is good and I could rank this the best XMen film to date and now that X1 and X2 is a bit dated. With that said, if you are looking for a Marvel type of film, then you aren't going to like it. This film isn't light-hearted and exudes a different feeling, it's a bit darker and more serious, so keep that in mind.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I did think I could really hate this movie because of what we've seen in previews and pics but all made sense.

Like how the sentinel of the future looked, it was based on Mystiques DNA so it made sense why they looked like they do since their transformations are similar.

The Hulkbeast, it's from "the cure" that Hank made, a new version from 1st Class so it made sense. Prof X walking with the cure, needs a bit more stretch of imagination but it made sense.

The only thing that really didn't make sense is why Shadowcat have that power all of a sudden but it wasn't a big deal and a distraction to the film at all.

Acting was great all around. Mcavoy, Fassbender, Jackman, Mckellen, Stewart and Dinklage were all very good. JLaw and Hoult and the rest are average.

I also like it that they did pretty much reset the world and straightened it out. Technically Origins, X1-X3 and the Wolverine never or hasn't happened yet so they can go on a brand new adventure after '72/'73 timeline.

It also paid a nice homage to the old cast and now they can recast with younger actors outside of Logan/Jackman.

Action was pretty good too, the future Sentinel battles were topnotch I thought. They made them pretty cool and I think Blink is going to be big after this, they made her power well and executed it better.

And yes, Quicksilver/Evan Peters was a highlight of this film, his short part/action scene is great, if anything the movie could have used more of him. He still look like sh*t but how he was done in the film more than made up for it.

Story wasn't spectacular but it kept me thinking and interested, the acting helped but the story wasn't bad at all. It wasn't a clusterf*ck as I expected, it was still pretty straightforward and never got boring for me.

Good end credit scene but it could have been better. I guess it was enough to wet your lips, if you don't know XMen and don't follow the news, you'd probably just like those who thought Thanos was a Kree at the end of Avengers just to pretend you know comics. lol8[1].gif

If I had a criticism, it is that the past Sentinel action could have been better or just have more. Even though we saw some very good future Sentinel vs. future XMen, it was still short and since Sentinels program are technically cancelled then they could have gone all out further on this one. I needed some Wolverine slicing up Sentinels and maybe Beast ripping it's head off. Seems like this is a summer of lack of action, first Spidey then Godzilla and now XMen.

Another complain is the costume, in the "past" part of the film it made sense why they won't have it because there really wasn't an "XMen" but yeah for the future, they really should have just given them their classic or even a futuristic version of their classic costumes and please the fans.

Felt like there were a few things that I may have missed, I kind of hated that I had to see it in 3D, I forgot that there is always that glare in the bottom of the glasses (not sure if its just me) and it makes the film darker and for the future scenes, it was dark enough so I say save your money and stick to 2D.
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And also this film is a really good middle finger to X3 and Origins.
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