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Teacher Attire Help

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Hey Guys,


Im a young 24 year old guy and I teach fifth grade.  We have to dress up every day and I am needing some help in picking out the best attire.  


I wear some simple GAP straight fit tailored khakis pretty much every day due to simplicity.


Here is my problem.


Right now, since its winter, life is good.  I wear the khakis with a simple undershirt and cardigan or khakis with a nice sweater.  


Im trying to buy up some more stuff for spring and summer.  I hate wearing a dress shirt or polo every day.  I wear them tucked in, but Im always on the move and my shirts become untucked and I cant stand that.

Anyone have any ideas on something I could wear with these khakis that doesn't have to be tucked in?  Im tall with a slim flit, 6'3 185.  



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A cotton sport shirt with a medium-sized, moderately colorful pattern that's distinct from a dress shirt yet not very casual - like,default,pd.html?dwvar_MG00746_Color=BLUE&contentpos=19&cgid=0297 - could work, if it's meant to be worn untucked.

That said, shirts coming untucked with movement could indicate a fit problem.
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I'd say get some higher rise pants and some longer shirts. That means there will be more pants touching more shirt, which will increase friction, which will probably keep your shirt tucked in longer. Or would a nice polo shirt be dressed up enough? Kent Wang makes very nice polos.
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Longer shirts FTW. I'm kind of tall myself (not as tall as you) and I sometimes have the same problem. Wearing a shirt untucked that is meant to be tucked in will never look good but many manufacturers offer longer cuts for taller people. Also, if you simply can't find a button down shirt that is long enough for you remember that polo shirts have square tails, meaning that they are generally accepted for untucking (although I still don't think it looks good). Another thing, what does "dress up" mean? What kind of dress code does your school have for teachers?

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+1 for longer shirts and pants with high rise.


Today fashion styles and cuts make it nearly impossible to wear RTW pants and shirts unless you want to look like a used car salesman.  I suggest getting a made to order pant and shirt combo. Also, I'd consider a three piece suit.  You can always take a jacket off and look like a classy teacher wearing a vest :)

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For cool teacher examples: look at how NYRanger does it.
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Coat and tie. teacha.gif
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Originally Posted by RogerC View Post

For cool teacher examples: look at how NYRanger does it.
and Threadbearer too
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