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I am not really sure that the shoes I got is made of shell cordovan.

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Those pairs are cordovan oxfords that I got from Gilt.com. On its description,



it does not say anything that the pair was made of shell cordovan.


I was not sure whether "cordovan" in the title means the color of the shoes or the material of the shoes.


Anyway, I ordered the shoes and the shoes arrived.


It looks pretty much like authentic shell cordovan to my eyes. 


I want to hear what you all think.


Any opinion on etro shoes? I did not know that they make shoes before I saw this...




P.S. There is a black mark on the shoes. Do you think it is removable?


Can I try saphir renomat on cordovan (if it is real cordovan) to remove this?



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Can you flex one of the soles and get a shot of a ripple?
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no judgment on those shoes but Gilt got me years ago with bullshit like that. purchased a pair of Testonis that were actually "cordovan" color, not made of shell ffffuuuu.gif
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I'd be fairly surprised if they're shell cordovan. When I see a shoe described as "cordovan" I assume it's just the color unless it's a maker I know uses shell. When I see a description on Gilt, I'm surprised if they even get the color right.

They look pretty good for being Etro shoes though. Every pair of men's Etro shoes I've seen have been rather more flamboyant. Like a paisley rainbow threw up on them.
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Just a bit OT... but FWIW, those are Derby shoes/Bluchers 

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There you go.


The leather is pretty much different from calf leather. (no webby wrinkles)


Since it is a new pair of shoe, it was hard to bend the shoe without not damaging the leather.


(Considering the fact that I am willing to return this if it is not genuine shell cordovan.)





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There you are.


Since it is a new pair of shoes, which I am willing to return if it is not made of genuine shell cordovan, I could not flex the shoes hard enough to avoiding damaging the shoes.


But it is kind of funny to say this, they "smell like" real cordovan (I have a pair of cordovan shoes from Allen Edmonds) and the surface is totally different from calf leather.


There is no webby wrinkle when I flex them as one can see in the pictures above.)

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looks like shell to me.
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Those are cool looking shoes; how much was gilt selling them for? Can you post pics of the outer sole?
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I feel like everything on Gilt is a trap.

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These look calf to me. Worse, these may just be corrected grain.
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These are not shell. I have seen them on gilt. Shell would have bumps around the lace holes or in that sections. Or press mark to reduce the bumps(c&j , churches press around the lace hole and around stitching areas).Its just polished calf in cordovan colour. Also on the last 2 pictures you can see the creasing sign . Also you can see the grains which is the give away.

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100% not shell.
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Look around the stitching the press mark. To reduce the bumps. Shell is pretty hefty. If maker don’t press they look really bumpy. My shell Florsheims are not pressed and looks really bumpy.
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As Gilt says, original price is $945 and gilt sold them with price of $449.


I used $50 coupon and paid 441$ including tax+shipping.

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