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Hey guys, I went on a Borrelli hunt for HRHAndrew today. I found him a 48R Borrelli at the Boston Filenes Basement. I then went to the Newton Basement store to try to get myself a Borrelli cashmere sweater (only $169. Alas, didn't have my size). I bought a second Borrelli for HRHAndrew, but it turns out they had mistagged it. It was a 42R, not a 48R as the tag said. The Oxxford was tagged incorrectly as well (I was buying for myself, and couldn't try it on because I grabbed it right before closing time). The Oxxford is a 40, and is a longish regular. It's just a dab big for me (DAMN.... I'm about 25 minutes closer to the post office than I am to the Newton Filene's, so I thought I'd see if anyone here would like to inquire further about the suits before I return them in a couple weeks. I could ship the Borrelli to you for $925, and the Oxxford for $725. The Borrelli (which was actually originally from Mr. Sid's, and was not part of this Borrelli bonanza they're having) is a superfine Merino 150s, three season to year round weight, navy blue with gray and ligher blue pinstripes. Double vented, three button (lower stance so shows a good amount of tie), double pleasted pants with split back waistband. The Oxxford is a mid-weight wool in a "grayish-brown." It seems like a mix of gray and brown that is "heathered." It has very fine pinstripes of navy bluish and light tan. A two button. A little higher button stance than most Oxxfords, so it shapes in a bit more at the waist than normal Oxxfords -- it appears to have been a MTM that was never picked up. Quarter lined jacket and unlined flat front pants. PM me if you are interested in pics, measurements, etc.