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Escher Belt

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This is a belt I designed.


The buckle is a sterling silver 3D rendition of Escher's "Drawing Hands", the most famous lithograph, by the most famous graphic artist of all time.


The strap is a burgundy red hornback crocodile.


What do you think about it?




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It won't get much stylistic love here in classic menswear, but will definitely get play in SW&D. I think that you did a good job and it is a very interesting concept.
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Hi, presumably your belt buckle is for personal use only?


Mark Veldhuysen


The M.C. Escher Company B.V.

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TBH, I think it loses something in the translation to 3D.
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Which one of Escher's prints do you think would work best as a buckle?

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The beauty of Escher's work is in the tricks it plays with your eye. Once you create it in 3 dimensions, it loses part of its allure. At least that's my take. Other people may find this buckle holds up to the original.

It's a beautiful carving. The work is splendid. And I know from experience how hard it is to carve wax. So that's certainly not a problem. Why is it that you desire to create Escher's work in 3D rather than something of your own, perhaps inspired by Escher?
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I agree with FlaneurNYC, it's well done but loses the point of the original which is hands drawing each other. Just doesn't work when taken off the paper.
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Ok, here are some of my ideas for an "inspired by Escher belt".


A strap, which is hands drawing each other endlessly, similar to this:


A Mobius Strip strap or buckle.


A buckle that somehow uses his ideas for the "Relativity" print, but in a belt sort of way ;).


Do you think any of these ideas are good?

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I don't really think adding more hands would help. But I'm not the target market for a buckle like that.

Some of these shapes would make cool belt buckles:

You could also gain inspiration from some of the patterns. You could either vary metals or oxidize to create the color effect. Stuff like this:

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