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Orthotic Inserts for Dress Shoes

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Any recommendations for orthotic inserts for dress shoes?

Here's my predicament:
  • I have flat feet and need arch support. I have long and narrow feet.
  • I bought Allen Edmonds Strand 11.5B, which is the recommended size based on the AE sizing tool. I wore it with my custom orthotic insole (full foot size), and it was too tight.
  • I exchanged for size 11.5D. With my custom orthotic insole, my toes felt cramped; the heel was also elevated and felt like it might slip out of the shoe. Without my custom orthotic, I had too much room in the shoe, the shoe moved around when I was walking, and I was getting blisters.

I am considering exchanging yet again, for the 11.5B I had originally. But before I do so (which would involve a trip across the border), I want to make sure there aren't any alternative arch support solutions – say, a thinner, less obstructive orthotic insert ideal for dress shoes (especially for AE Strands). And if such an insert exists, would it work with the 11.5B, which fits my natural foot, or should I still allow for more width, keeping the 11.5D?

I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks.
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One "off the rack" orthotic you could try would be the Superfeet black. It is the thinnest that they offer. Wear it w/ the thinnest socks you can manage. Go to a place that sells them, bring your AEs, and try them at the store before you buy them. Dress shoes are a pain because they don't have a removable insole (at least not officially, if you're careful, you can usually remove them, I've done this). If the Superfeet black doesn't work, either because the shoe is too tight or you find that wearing it all day isn't providing enough support, you'll just have to buy a bigger shoe.
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