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pocket watch

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Hi, I am looking for advice on pocket watches. I wear one with my mess kit so it would be required to be polished brass or gold.  Currently I am using one that I found at a smoke shop for 50 bucks, however  I can tell just by looking at it though that it is a piece of junk.  It fulfills its purpose because all one can really see is the chain but I feel it lessens the outfit by carrying it with me.  What are the brands to strive for also what would be the best bang for the buck in the pocket watch world?


Sorry if this is too vague if you need more info let me know.



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Hello. I work on watches for a living and I would be happy to try to help you. I don't have all the information that I need, but I have enough to try to help.

First, you don't want brass. Brass tarnishes quickly and is almost impossible to clean if you don't have a buffing machine. Gold can be cleaned with a rag that is impregnated with rouge, and while a buffer does a better job, you can "touch up" nicely with these rags. They run less than $5.00.

To answer the question about what your looking for, if you want a quality watch you should look for something like an Illinois Bunn Special. There are dozens of grades of this watch, but some can be had for $250 on eBay. A Hamilton 992b or 992e can be found for a similar amount.

Make sure any watch you buy is serviced and guaranteed, as a service can run $200-$300.

If you are looking for something smaller, a Hamilton 920 or 922 would do nicely.

Most cases for pocket watches are either a base metal, gold, or gold filled. If you buy a gold filled case – and this is what I recommend – you're looking for one without any brassing. Brassing is simply when the gold finishes worn through due to use. Gold filled watches have more gold than gold plates, but you can't properly replate them.

I will be happy to answer any other questions you have. I want to help!
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Thanks for the info, there seems to be a good amount of Hamilton and illinois on ebay.  Any tricks you can think of to find a winner, or just look for something thats serviced and still keeps time?

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The "trick" is to look for a dial without cracks (or at least without chips), to only buy at least 17 jewels, and to make sure it has been serviced and is guaranteed.
I service a lot of watches people buy without guarantees. :/
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