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Trip to Southeast Asia

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My friend and I are planning a trip to Southeast Asia.  We are both 27, male, heterosexual.  We will be there approximately 8 days in April and are looking for advice on cities to visit, activities to plan, hotels to stay at and so on.  


  1. We are generally more interested in partying than sightseeing.  Also sightseeing is easy find via Google.
  2. We are not pinching pennies on this trip.  We can spend ~$3K + airfare.  


Advice would be much appreciated.  We are looking for the best parties to go to.  Not random stuff anyone could find.  Basically where are hot, well-connected, 20-30 year old girls going in Southeast Asia.

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You should go to the very underrated Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and (maybe) Bangkok, Bali, Phuket. Singapore if you feel like throwing your cash away.
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Cambodia is great and cheap for the purposes you specified
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Jakarta is a shithole but has amazing nightlife and a surprisingly impressive disregard for carnal morality.

Phnom Penh is pretty fun. Really growing up at the moment. God, when I first went it was dark. Seriously creepy dark. But we made the most out of it :-)

Pattaya is pretty insane in a human safari of sin kinda way. Fun place for a bachelor party but basically a hole.

Phuket blows but it's busy, I'd say jump on the boat to Phi Phi for young drunk girls on nicer beach instead.

Both Bangkok and Saigon have calmed down a lot but you can still have a good time in either.

You missed Vang Vieng by about 6 months, it was the hammered horny backpacker girl looking for a cleaner bed to sleep in capital of the universe for a while there.

3k won't get you far in Singapore. I have seen many a bar tab exceed that there. Skip it. younger years were fun... Getting old. Have a great time boys.
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