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Ich bin sicher, dass es in Düsseldorf wesentlich mehr als nur ein Geschäft gibt, wo du selvage denim bekommst. Spontan fallen mir P&C, Anson's und ein Designer Laden in Richtung Altstadt an einem Wochenmarkt ein. Keine Ahnung wie der heißt. Wolverine Schuhe kannst du ebenfalls bei Anson's kaufen.

Ich bleib mal bei Englisch rolleyes.gif


I've been at P&C, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Oberhausen, Essen, Dortmund and many more. No selvage jeans. 

Anson's... same here. Anson's is a 100% daughter of P&C, no differences. Anson's may have Wolverine shoes, but definitely no 1K. 


The store near the weekly market at Carlsplatz is "Robert Schmitz". That's the one I mentioned. Best store in town, hands down.


Cologne is a little bit better than duesseldorf, but compared to Berlin it's a deserted area as well. Once a year I attend a congress in Berlin, and I usually travel home with many, many goods.


Believe me, my hunt for quality clothing took me to places where no man has gone before wink.gif and it was a frustrating journey...


Better go shopping in NY.