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A green belt?

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I've been looking at Equus' website and rather fancy their West End belt in racing green. Of course I don't own any green shoes tough. So I suppose my question is this: can one wear a green bridle leather belt in the same way that one wears a ribbon belt, ie as a freestanding bit of colour rather than as something that shouldn't be too distant from the colour of one's shoes?

I'm not looking for "wear it if you like it" answers, but for arguments of sorts. My argument would be that since green isn't really a traditional colour for shoes then a green belt is obviously not intended as a matchable item. Unless we hold that leather belts should always match, in which case no green belt for me. Opinions?
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I've been thinking about this myself actually. To me, green is the unorthodox leather color easiest to wear. You'd think blue would be, but I don't think it's even close. Blue leather is actually quite difficult to pair. It's too unorthodox for CBD, yet too slick and city for more country outfits.

I would not wear a green belt as part of serious business attire, but can see it being worn easily with a tweed jacket and the OneShoe.
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I was thinking along very similar lines. Also: dark jeans, sweater, and clunky black derbies, perhaps. And let me reassure you that I never contemplated blue!
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Sounds good. I'm just sad you may beat me to it!
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I probably will, just because I'm in the UK! I'm going with the West End Roller Buckle in satin finish.
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Damn you. I'll just have to find a way to inject some special Foo sauce into mine.
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Uploaded with

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Nice crotch? I'm not sure what we're supposed to be looking at. I'm looking at your crotch.
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I think it would work, though I think I'd personally rather have a green surcingle belt. That Equus belt would be really cool with, like, cigar shell or brown suede -- those kind of muddy forest colors.


What do all y'all think of a green leather watchband (something dark like the Equus belt) on a stainless steel watch with white face? I'm tired of the bracelet on my Seiko, but I want one band to wear with everything.

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Dark green pebble-grain leather for a watch strap. Preferably attached to a vintage steel Datejust.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post

Dark green pebble-grain leather for a watch strap. Preferably attached to a vintage steel Datejust.

Thanks. That's about the platonic ideal of what I was considering. Embarrassingly, my Seiko wishes a little too fervently it was a DJ -- I didn't realize that when I bought it. shog[1].gif

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Which shoes, Spoo?

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Forgot one.
Originally Posted by YRR92 View Post

Which shoes, Spoo?


None of the shoes were green, I think browns and chestnuts...
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I have the belt from Equus and I wear it with my green Bontonis as well as with any other shoe that goes well with browns/taupes. I think it really is a nice contrast. If you look at the pics spoo posted above both with lighter browns.

I actually wore my green one today.
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