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It's Random Acts of Kindness week

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It's time to be extra nice to each other this week! The idea comes from The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation who explain the idea of a special week here.


I think that as a community of fashion and style lovers, we can come up with many kindness ideas related to what we love and do our part besides being kind in general. For example:

  • Is there anybody whom you respect for their taste and style? Tell them.
  • Is anybody looking particularly good today? Compliment them. They might be insecure and it will make their day.
  • Have you been a long-time happy customer of a brand or your tailor? Let them know, they'll love to hear from you.
  • Are you a regular reader of a style blog? Drop the blogger a line and share their work.
  • Got any old clothes? Consider donating them.
  • Got a few minutes? Instead of browsing the forum, join any discussion here on Style Forum and give feedback to your fellow style enthusiasts.

Let's expand the list together and share our stories from putting them to practice!



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I'll bite.

Edina, you've been failing much less lately. Keep up the good work.
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