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Pant Hem Gaping at Side

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I had some trousers shortened, but maybe a little too much? The outer seam doesn't fall on the shoe but away from it. What's the problem and how could this be fixed? 




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Original Length

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Yes, wear your pants lower- near the hips.

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Too much, but I think it is the taper that is causing your complaint. They are also on the tight side up top (as evidenced by the flared pockets and probably those wrinkles).
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Any idea on solution? I thought it was the taper, too, but in the original length, they fell on the shoe and didn't flare.


If lengthening is the solution, how much do you think I should lengthen it?

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Main cause on the right leg is that your right hip is higher and bigger. It pulls the trouser up along the out seam. Add this, inseams are distorted and stretched making the outseam short and pulling out. Trousers need a good press.
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Far too short
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Hopefully the tailor left enough room to fix that awful job. Also, you need to let out the waist significantly...I see heavy pulling, and others have mentioned the pocket flare.
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Would letting out the outer seam along the hip/upper thigh do the trick?

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You're flooding, it's cause your pants are too short, they actually looked better before, probably only needed a half inch off the hem. And opening the side seams will only open the hip, probably not a lot, you'd need to open the back seam up and get some room in the waist.
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Thanks, JDMillis. I had the hem lengthened and looks a lot better now. Right now, I’m also having the hips taken out. From what I saw, there was a little over 1/2 inch available on each outer seam. Do you think this would be enough?


I guess if it fails, I’ll have to take out the back seam. When you say, “waist,” do you mean the general waist/hip area or the top waist band? The waist band fits perfect and on par with my other trousers, so I was curious.

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lol @ that first picture. That's not a good look. It looks like you're wearing your pants from pre-growth spurt.

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If its fine in the waist then they might have to let out the seat, I dont know how much of that is possible youd have to talk to your tailor, pant side seams usually arent cut to be let out a huge amount, it really just looks like you have big hips/thighs and theyre snug in that area, your tailor would know more about how to fix the problem.
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