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That last shot with Pete and the music was perfect.
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Is Pete bolding???
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In the short recap before the episode started there was a quick shot of the Hawaii-ad Don did. You know, the one in which it looks like someone took their clothes off and went into the water to never come back.

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Looks like Yanuary Yones has entered gratuitous career boosting mode to compensate for her inability to act. Boobs, I am disappoint.
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Oh gawd, why did I click that link?



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You no like it, the natural boobies?
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I mean, don't get me wrong, they aren't the greatest set I've ever seen but I'm certainly not complaining.  I do realize you might also be referring to the fact that you may have opened that up at work with no warning.  Because that's what I did.  Wasn't necessarily expecting full on bewbs.  Still not complaining.

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Screen captures of motion video will not look as good as magazine centerfold spread pictures. She is hot.
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To each his own. I think she's too skinny.

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It isn't that her boobs are "ugly." It's just that, like her face, they have no soul. They're just there. And unremarkable.
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finally caught up on this season. thanks amazon instant video!

dont want to rehash everything, but in short:

so far i like this season a lot.

i continue to, as i always have, hate peter with a passion. he is a stupid, narrow minded, whiny child and he annoys me to no end. i wish they would write his lame ass off the show.

don continues to fascinate as he is part giant asshole, part solid stand up guy, and i think they fall back on his uber fucked up childhood to make him more likable even though he is often a cold hearted giant assweed. getting pwned by silvia was quite the rare treat.

have been waiting for don and betty to hook up since they divorced, glad they took care of that.

i miss lane.

i like harrys new more assertive and successful role.

i miss the roger of seasons 1 and 2. or at least the screen time he had.

the music this season is phenomenal.

re: JJs bewbs. i would have thought they were bigger. well done wardrobe department.
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New theory: Megan is already dead and Don is hallucinating.
The wording during that sequence is very careful. During the hallucination, in addition to finding out that Megan is pregnant, Don asks, “How did you find me?” Megan responds, “But I live here.” The “here” is not California; it can’t be the party. She’s clearly not actually there, but she could be in the afterlife. A few seconds later, Draper sees a dead Private Dinkins, who says, “I heard you were here.” Again, “here” is in the afterlife. “Dying doesn’t make you whole,” he tells Don, which is when Don realizes that death won’t fulfill him, it won’t bring him the answers he seeks. He has to get out, back to the living because “everyone is looking for you,” as Megan suggets. That’s when he is pulled from the pool and returned to life, away from Megan, Private Dinkins, and that place where the doorman was briefly after he died. It’s a perfect bookend to the opening scene of the season.
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Oh damn... I was wondering what she meant by "But I live here" when she said that but then quickly forgot about it when they showed Don face down in the pool.

Interesting theory. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. I believe it will be revealed that someone is dead by the end of next episode.
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um, that sounds retarded to me. he was fucking high when it happened. he was imagining those people. id be shocked if that is true. not to mention, he came back to nyc at the end of the episode, and unless she is dead and rotting in the apartment and no one bothered to check on her, you would think he would have been informed. i call bullshit.

best part of the episode though was roger getting punched in the balls.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

best part of the episode though was roger getting punched in the balls.


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