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Very first photo from the season premiere.

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Is there a CliffsNotes for season 5? It's been so long, I barely remember what happened.
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Here's kind of a rundown for you.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Don and Megan are married. Megan ends up leaving SCDP to pursue her acting career. Joan and her husband are seperated and in the beginning stages of getting a divorce. Layne began stealing money from SCDP, and was eventually caught by Don. Don fired him and Layne ended up committing suicide in his office. Joan slept with a big wig from Jaguar to help land the account, and in return she was made a partner. Peter is living in the suburbs, miserable. He ends up sleeping with the wife of a guy that he rides the train into the city with. The guy ends up getting his wife lobotomized and permanently put into a hospital. Peggy ends up leaving SCDP. Betty is fat and eating all of the time. Roger and Jane end up doing LSD and go on a serious, wild trip. They end up splitting. Roger ends up fucking Megan's mom (including Sally accidently seeing Megan's mom giving Roger head in a empty room at a big dinner).
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Originally Posted by Anthony K View Post

Here's kind of a rundown for you.

Thank you, sir.
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That was actually really helpful - I forgot about a few things.  Also, they will do a pseudo shitty run down for a few minutes before the season premier that should help as well.  I can't fucking wait.

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There are a few spoilers out there if one pieces together some of the preview articles written on the advanced DVD copy. I am still waiting though.
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I guess that's the end of the clean shaven skinny tie dark sack suit look. Even Roger is in an odd trouser and jacket.
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Well, I enjoyed the 2 hour season premiere. Loved the new look/vibe of the office.
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Pretty never took off.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

Pretty never took off.

Well, if it's like last season, there is hope that it will build up. I thought the same about the beginning of Season 5.
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I loved it. Really dug Roger's clothes too.
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It was a pretty morbid episode but I like how Draper falls back into the bed (is that that nurse from ER?!) and he says he likes being who he is right now for his new year's resolution. More cheating, womanizing, and boozing this season.

Stan (whatever his last name is) is really growing on me. He was a complete idiot in season four when he was first introduced, but he has a genuine rapport with Peggy now. And for the most part he does try to help his boss, now Draper I assume, rather than show boat like Ginsburg. I wouldn't mind seeing him stick around.

Only a year passes and all the young(er) men started growing facial hair? It seems too artificial (Abe, Stan, Ginsburg).

Cosgrove is using less pomade now.

I stepped out for a bit and completely missed the Betty and Sandy part. If people wanted another reason to hate Betty, it's her talking to her husband about rape and that 15 year old girl and holding her down etc. That woman is insane as evidenced by her wandering around in a slum straight afterwards.

Somehow they are also making Megan less attractive - maybe it's the vanity of being an actress or the weed.

Oh and Don Draper has to be the only person who is pretty much dressing and now behaving exactly like he did in 1960 in season 1. Maybe that's intentional but it sure looks like it.

Anyway I'm done my piece. Looking forward to the next episode.
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really thorough recap. Picks up on a lot of the little details that I missed or didn't connect all of the dots to understand.
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WTF, Betty Draper has given up.
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Did Don's sport coat look really tight in the back, when he was sitting at the bar in Hawaii? I don't have a photo.
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