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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post

Anybody have any idea whether Chan's relocating from Kowloon to the Entertainment Building in Central HK is going affect their prices appreciably?

Their prices have steadily been going up for some time now. Rent in Central is not cheap so I would assume prices will go up a bit more. Odd that they would open another shop especially if they don't have smart and detail oriented people like Patrick.
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Originally Posted by TheTukker View Post

This is certainly the better route, but I doubt they have them. Think they do CTM though.

I'm not in HK... I suppose I could order the fabric to them to have it made?
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I've seen tweeds in there but don't know if they're Harris
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Just ordered new suit yesterday at Lee Baron, go for the first fitting tomorrow, looking forward to that :-)

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Originally Posted by Spaghettimatt View Post

I'm not in HK... I suppose I could order the fabric to them to have it made?

Think that is correct, but better to send them an email first to confirm.
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Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post

Anybody have any idea whether Chan's relocating from Kowloon to the Entertainment Building in Central HK is going affect their prices appreciably?

Wow that's sad to hear. I liked their unassuming location in tst. Their prices will undoubtedly go up to cover increased rent in central.

Any idea on when this move is happening?
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I was in Lee Baron yesterday, they have a few tweeds, one or two Harris in stock. They have a Harris Tweed swatch book for those who want to order in.
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Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post

Had the first suit (DB linen) taken in by Lee Baron and now looking good. Also got the charcoal fresco three piece - very nice indeed. A bunch of shirts: 2 cotton with contrast collars and 6 linen with soft collar. Nice.

Chobo, do you remember what type of fresco it was, ie weight and maker?
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^ Minnis
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Did Peter have it in stock or did he have to order it in?

8-9 oz or 9-10 oz?
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He had it in stock, but I did not pay attention to the weight. Apologies.
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Originally Posted by Spaghettimatt View Post

Anyone know if Peter Lee/Lee Baron carries Donegal and/or Harris tweed fabrics?

Peter Lee Baron is carrying Porter & Harding Glorious Twelfth now. We will give them Hartwist and Harris Tweed books too this week. Hope you can pick what you like there:)

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I thought I saw the Glorious Twelfth the other day, looks good.
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This thread and some others on this forum has helped me a lot with my tailoring experience the past few months in Hong Kong, so I wanted to post some brief post-purchase thoughts to help anyone else who are looking for information, especially as some of this advice, though good, is somewhat dated.


I've mainly had experiences with WW Chan, Jantzen, and Simpson Sin. I looked at a few other places, they either looked dodgy or I just didn't have a chance to try them.


I was going to respond to a different thread, but I didn't want to revive any other old thread so thought it best to post here:


I've had 2 shirts made from WW Chan, and 4 from Jantzen, then 5 more, then 5 more, then 5 more. I went a bit overboard. Suffice to say, I was very happy with Jantzen. I am new to more sophisticated fashion, but I do have a decent eye for style and attention. WW Chan's (and presumably Ascot's) is better, but I think unless the price is of little issue to you, it is clear to me that Jantzen is a far better choice. Certainly if it is reasonable for your financial situation to buy a large number of shirts at the higher range, then it might be best, but from my semi-untrained eye, the difference is fairly minimal. WW Chan's shirts were just... good. Like no mistake they were good, but it was beyond my budget to splurge on a dozen shirts with them. It is my opinion that having a larger variety of very good quality shirts in a wardrobe is better than having a few slightly even better shirts. The quality seems unbelievable to me considering how much cheaper it is.


I will admit that there are some areas, such as the buttonholes where there are loose strands, but for the most part they are very good, and the problems were easily fixed. Considering the price, they'd have to be several times less durable for that to even be a huge issue.


I think a good part of the negative experiences of other people with Jantzen is from the mail order aspect of it. Being in the shop personally and able to discuss alterations and styles, and finally to choose fabrics probably made it a far better experience for me with Jantzen than a lot of other people. I spent quite a lot of time looking for the fabrics I wanted so that worked out very well. The fit is extremely good, construction is good, although I've only worn them about 10 times. Having control over the style was also extremely useful. It might have helped that I spoke Cantonese and, as a recurring customer, the staff put effort discussing styles, fabrics, and giving me their input, but my experience was very positive.


I've also had a suit made at WW Chan, and I think it's great. I plan on having another made next trip. As a side note I've also had suits made at Simpson Sin (a budget choice, but very good for the cost), and they were good for the price as well. In making these observations, I've also made comparison to a couple of other tailors in Hong Kong, and compared some of the shirts they had on display, and generally I'd say these are the three tailors that stood out to me in terms of quality and value for money. I've also enjoyed the tailoring experience with all of them.


I'm considering making a post about my purchases with picture, but I'm new to these forums so I might lurk a bit more in case I get flamed or something, but if anyone would like something like that I'll try to get that done.


I also had 2 suits and a jacket made from Simpson Sin. The fabric I chose for the WW Chan suit was clearly superior to the ones from Simpson Sin, so it's not entirely fair to compare the two. That said, WW Chan's construction is clearly better, more attention was paid, more details, woking cuffs, better solid fit. I am interested in posting my Sin suits up for comments actually, because while they seem good to me, it's beyond my novice experience to really pinpoint exactly how decent or mediocre they are. I will say that they are less comfortable; I can't pinpoint why, but perhaps the armhole is not fitted perfectly. The fit on the waist feels good, though, and generally seems quite good. I had a double breasted suit made, and idk if I didn't mention it or something, but they put more padding on the shoulders than I wanted, and also a bit bigger on the chest area than I wanted, but I have a feeling this is because that's how double breasted suits are generally styled, and I didn't make it clear enough what I wanted.


Again I am a novice at getting tailored so I am not very good at enunciating the details, perhaps some photos would illustrate it better.


I'd definitely say that for someone on a budget, they are very good purchases. I would presume most people cannot tell their inferior quality, and while for those who have more sophisticated tastes in suits this is not enough, for anyone who's starting work, looking into getting their first suit made, etc, I highly recommend them. Their first suit cost me 4k, 4.6k, then I had a jacket made for 3.4k. All prices HKD. I'm also having an overcoat made from them, which cost about 10k, 50% cashmere. Winter's coming y'know.


That all said, WW Chan's suit is clearly superior, and the superiority is also much more pronounced, unlike the difference between their shirts and Jantzen's. Still I'd consider the Sin suits very good purchases. I don't want to wear the same suit over and over, and 18k suits aren't something I can have many of. About the overcoat, I asked how much a 50% cashmere overcoat would cost from WW Chan. They said 26k to 56k or something. Too expensive for me right now.


I didn't mention the prices earlier, but the shirts with Jantzen were mostly 350 HKD, some 400, some 500. I also had 2 silk shirts made for my wedding, one for me, one for my fiancé, but I have not picked them up yet. They also got a waistcoat from them for 1500 HKD. It was good, I can't say I'm educated enough to make any judgement on waistcoat aside from that it seemed to fit well and looked nice.


They also had a suit made from WW Chan. It cost them 8.5k or so, as women's suits are cheaper.


Here are some photos; they were taken in a photography PoV so don't really show the suits very well, but if there's interest I might make a proper post on it.


My fiancé getting fitted. Not sure what's going on their back, but, well, yeah.




Had photos taken, this was my first Simpson Sin suit.




Here's a quick picture of my ridiculous blue jacket. Somebody is probably going to comment on how garish that color is. I don't care, I look fabulous imo.


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Hmm there is a lot of bowing out of the lapels and the jacket does not sit flush to the chest. Could be due to the padding they used as well as the buttoning point/stance. The sleeves may be a bit longer than what I am normally used to, but hard to tell in your photos. Overall the jacket seems very brittle/rigid but that's just my opinion.
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