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hi everybody, im new to this thread but here must be the best place to find the answer of my issue, I got a MTO sport jacket from Formosa on the way to HK with a unfinished jacket sleeve, may I ask is there any recommendation of shop / tailor that would handle this jacket sleeve and buttonhole stitch?


thanks in advance!  

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Originally Posted by Concordia View Post

I use a number of other makers, including Charvet, Budd, and an Italian house. Even though they might be objectively "better" or more interesting, or more recently fitted, etc., there are still days when Ascot Chang makes me happier than any of the others.

Obviously, wear your best shirt (or take it, if it's really hot out) to the measurement. They'll follow just about any set of directions you give them, but you do have to ask.

One nice thing to be aware of with them-- once you get your pattern down, they will do CMT for what used to be US$110/shirt. Given that they increase the prices quite radically for the better grades of cotton, this can save you a lot if you know where to buy fabric. They do carry many of the really good lines, so that will have more chance of their approval if you get some off-the-beaten-track stuff like the London Lounge's linens or Bonfanti.

AC 's CMT is now about $150 USD
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I am surprise by the quietness of this thread recently.... Is it like no one is making their projects up in Hong Kong?

Anyway I will like to share the following baste fitting of my DB blazer x trouser combo (long overdue actually)...

The jacket is made up of VBC 8oz hopsack in french navy, surprisingly this VBC has nice colour depth and texture, in my opinion on-par with the Loro Piana choice in my tailor's shop.

The trouser is something brand new for me, a current Zegna wool/silk/linen "Cross-ply" in 200grams, very lightweight but seems to hold crease very well and does not creases that much.

Here are the photos, please enjoy...

p.s. these current projects will all be using RichardJamesWeldon collar and chest canvass trimmings, shoulder pads and sleeve linings. Overall I have been very pleased with it as it tends to give a more rounded shape. However, I think the regular trimmings are equally as good
but just less hourglass...
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Nice poses.

Slightly off topic, but does anyone have a shoe repair guy for a complete resole please? I have an old pair of Lattanzi shell brogues that I don't think is worth sending back to Milan.
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$6,000 shoes and you don't want to pay postage?
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Originally Posted by Concordia View Post

$6,000 shoes and you don't want to pay postage?

Lol. Does sound a little strange when you put it that way.
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They're a bit slow to be honest, I've sent boots (strap repair) and a pair of shoes for new insoles that took many months. They do a great job otherwise. Perhaps I should send them back, but the shoes have been 'abused' for a while and I'm thinking that I should use them as 'bad weather' shoes after a resole. Oh, and they weren't that much back then.
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@chobochobo I've used Best Skill in CWB that Tassels recommended to me

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I'll send them to Japan for resole, sometimes they do a better job than some factories. Most of the time faster than the factory and cheaper
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Yes, someone recommended RESH.
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Nice Trouser, like the cut which is very clean 

Is the coat full canvassed? 

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Originally Posted by InHouse View Post

Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone knew of any tailors in Hong Kong who are able to create a custom or at least made to measure trench coat. I'd love to get something in the style of a Burberry trench but I've never been able to successfully find one that fits me right. My body proportions are unfortunately just odd (exceptionally long arms for my height) and for the price of a Burberry coat, I don't feel comfortable trying to tailor it and then having it come out wrong or ruined.

If possible I'd prefer the staff to have at least some proficiency in English as I cannot speak Cantonese or Mandarin and I'd like to be able to properly convey the specifications/expectations I have.

Also, ideally it would be great if the shop accepted credit card as, in addition to the points I'd earn, I save significantly on the conversion rate thanks to my card. However, I understand this request might be a bit unrealistic so really if anyone has any leads regardless, please let me know.


check this one out:
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Originally Posted by hippotamus View Post

Nice Trouser, like the cut which is very clean 
Is the coat full canvassed? 

Yes Hip the coat will be fully canvassed with the new trimmings I have gathered for my tailor.
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i have my wedding in 3 months and am after tailor recommendations (i live in HK) have been recommended Y William. Im after a 3 piece suit european slim style not british style the wedding is in italy so want a tailor that isnt too traditional


any recommendations? budget i dont mind paying upto 15kish just want someone who will be able to make something decent (have had some bad experiences here)

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Congratulations! I would recommend Brown's tailor in TST. Their style is generally more Italian and the owner, Felix, is really nice to deal with.

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