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Originally Posted by Fishball View Post

Although I didn't commission anything from Gordon this few years, I do believe he is much better than Y William Yu in both cut and craftmanship.


Picked up my finished Yao suit yesterday.  The basis for comparison isn't totally straightforward, because the Y William Yu suit in the photos was my second suit from them and because it's a much heavier, more workable fabric.  

YWY suit below is a two button SB in 13 oz Holland & Sherry worsted, Book HS1165 Cloth 651718.  It is fully canvassed and was $9000 HKD.

The suit from Gordon Yao is a 3r2 SB in Minnis Fresco I 0500 and is only 7-8 oz and is my first suit from GY. It is also fully canvassed and was $14430 HKD.  In both cases the tailors were given plenty of time and I had three fittings, though on both occasions I walked out of the last fitting wearing the finished suit.


The major problem with the YWY is the puckering of material in the upper chest.  But for that I think YWY would win by virtue of price.


YWY on the left, GY on the right in all the photos.


More Photos - Best Viewed Full Size. (Click to show)



Deets (Click to show)

Tie - Sam Hober 

Shirt - Graly

PS - Drakes for The Armoury

Shoes - Trickers full brogue - my only smart shoes here in HK.

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What's up with the chest on the darker suit?
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It doesn't cope very well with the contours of my prominent ribcage, colossal pecs and unfortunate manboobs.


Either I take the suit back or I have gynaecomastia surgery.  It's a close call. 

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No, the wrinkling.

If you want your boobs doing you can call me smile.gif
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In fact I posted about this in the Tailors Feedback thread.  YWY had a small go-over on my first suit from them (blue), and I tried very hard to catch the problem during fittings for the second, but it seems to have recurred. 


I guess there are corners cut during construction to produce a 9k suit rather than a 14k suit.  I examined the chest canvas of the Yao suit at the first fitting closely and it didn't seem to be differently made.  So perhaps it's in the shape.


As no less a light than Despos himself put it, you do get what you pay for. 

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Are you a cosmetic surgeon, or just an enthusiastic amateur with a spare afternoon who fancies going to Wing On for a new vacuum cleaner and a sharp knife?

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Chobochobo and Penfold, i think we should get together to have a drink some time.
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Thanks for posting Penfold - very interesting. The chest on the YWY does look indeed a bit odd; not sure if there's much that can be done, but you may want to go back and show him at least and see what he says. That suit looks nice, but seems a bit tight in the lower back and also appears to have divots on both shoulders.
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I like YWY cut better in some point.
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The Yao suit shows its innate quality so well whereas the YWY just looks completely inferior especially as it is a second attempt.
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Originally Posted by Bloomsbury2k View Post

Dear all,
I am enjoying this thread a lot, and would like those familiar with Hong Kong tailors to advise me on my choice of tailors for one with my body type.  I'm approaching middle age, mixed Asian/Caucasian somewhat short at 5'6" but relatively fit, i.e., my shoulders are broader than my waist.  Unfortunately, the only time I can come to Hong Kong is near the Chinese New Year for 12 days, but I'd like to get a bespoke suit, canvassed, my first.  I'm willing to spend up to 20,000HKD if needed for a suit, but of course would prefer not to.  I live in a temperate climate in the USA where we get snow in winter, and the summers are moderately warm, with humidity. I'd like a suit I can wear nearly daily, or a sport coat with nice slacks.  My work environment is business casual to more formal.  I rarely come to Hong Kong.

So far W. W. Chan indicated that would charge 19,600HKD for a bespoke suit and prepare it for me with only one fitting given the time constraint.  I told them I would not be willing to have them make a suit for me for 19,600HKD with only one fitting.  Did I decide correctly?

The following were willing to provide 2 fittings, but would mail the suit to me, I think -perhaps one of them will deliver to my hotel in HK.  Please let me know whether this is advisable:

Y. William Yu
Gordan Yao
Baromon Limited
Simpson Sin Tailor
Sam's Tailor (which I'm thinking I should cancel based on the number of dissatisfied reviews I've read).

Any other advice would be appreciated.  As an Asian American, I wondered how I would entertain negotiating on price?  I'm not a great bargainer.  Also, which of the above would be advised for making a shirt, sport coat, and possibly an overcoat?

My apologies for possibly repeating what has been covered.  I just joined.

Cheers, Bloomsbury

Gordon Yao without any doubt whatever.
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Hey guys,

So I've got my first bespoke suit from Gordon Yao. I think there might be some issues with the back and some of the stitching on the arms.

The pictures are on this thread

Please let me know what you guys think?
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What Despos said. Free advice from a very well respected tailor is worth 1000x anything I could add.

Is there a chance you're exaggerating the robo-pose for the photographs? Did Gordon have you stand in a more relaxed and natural pose for measuring and fitting?

Front looks good and if you're in HK then GY will address your concerns. Personally I'm increasingly aware of some powerful black magic whereby suits look perfect in the tailor's shop but reveal lots of nits when you get them home and start photographing yourself.
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Anyone know where I can pick up proper wooden suit hangers?
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