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@Isolation  BTW, I will be posting multiple new (work in progress) fits of my own in the next few weeks.  So, you can critique my fits for a change, if you wish too.  :) 

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Does anyone know any reweavers in HK, preferably in TST? Realized I have two small moth holes in a suit that I should get repaired
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^ I only know of one on Theatre Lane, Central - Leung, I think. They do a decent job.
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@chobochobo thanks! I walk on Theatre Lane all the time but have never seen a tailor shop..... whereabouts is it?
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Not a shop, just a stall - it's on your left as you walk up to the shoe shine guys (if they're still there)
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Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post

Not a shop, just a stall - it's on your left as you walk up to the shoe shine guys (if they're still there)

It's in Pedder Lane and the stall is 梁錦㼱織補。

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Nice chart.
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Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post

Nice chart.

Thank you. Actually I got it off the internet
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Well, I didn't think you drew it yourself wink.gif
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Originally Posted by BespokeKiwi View Post


@Butler sincere apologies about that.  It must've been another member that I was recently reading about.  BTW, I greatly admire your style.  It's SF's loss that you're not such a frequent poster here any more.  Best wishes to you, sir.


@Butler I manged to locate the blog article that I incorrectly recalled earlier.  It was a Journal of Style post entitled "Saying Goodbye to a Local Tailor" dated 30 November 2011.


Rather than a funeral, it was a "laying up" (a farewell or retirement party perhaps?) for Bent Wennerwald from Copenhagen, a bespoke tailor for 56 years.  


Again, apologies for my incorrectly recalling the details of the article.

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I will be heading down to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks early next year, and I would like to have a bespoke overcoat made with a budget around $7000 HKD. 


I would like to know:


1. Which tailor make bespoke overcoats, and which one do you recommend?

2. Where can I learn more about fabrics for overcoats?


Thanks in advance.

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I had a 50% cashmere overcoat at Simpson Sin made at 11k or so, and I believe Dream Bespoke charges 5200 for CMT so 7k might be able to get you an overcoat. For fabrics I'd just search around on styleforum, check the unfunded liabilities thread.

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Hi Everyone,

I've taken time to read almost all of the posts this year and there is so much information to look at. I need some help with some dress shirts as I'm coming to Hong Kong for 6 days in early December.

I'm torn between getting a low end budget shirt from Jantzen/Lee Baron/Collar Seasons for what appears to range from 300-400HKD or sourcing some Thomas Mason fabric and MOP buttons and getting someone to CMT it.

I am very new to getting custom dress shirts made as I have had 6 made back home in Toronto but they are very average and were about 400HKD already.

I did see that Collar Seasons does offer Thomas Mason shirts for about 600HKD. Would this be the best place if I wanted to spend about 600 for a shirt or is somewhere else better?

I'm looking to get about 6 shirts made. I'm a young professional and I've started to reach the point where I'm wiling to pay for quality, within reason, but not at the Ascot Chang level yet.

I'm also looking to get a suit or two made, preferably one in navy and one in grey. No idea where to start or what fabrics to use. I will use them everyday at work. I see Dream Bespoke get thrown around a lot. Would you recommend them for a 2 piece suit in the 4,500-5,000HKD range? Is there someone else to recommend and what fabrics to look at?
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^ Suits are complicated, but having had shirts made at some of the above I'd certainly say Jantzen is better than Lee Baron, IF you are in town AND you get the order done before you leave. Basically you'd have to go the first day, come back 2 days later then pick up on the 5th day or something like that. Hopefully they will be right as if you need something fixed it will be a couple more days and you may have a flight to catch by then.
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For those who are interested, did a post in the Shanghai thread about using the Fabric Market in Shanghai for shirts.

Basically, I thought it compared pretty well with the standard at Jantzen for 40% of the price. Jantzen's pricing these days is about HKD400-500 right?
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