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This would have been my choice as well. One black shoe to rule them all..
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Thanks guys!

Still have much to buy for this getup, so I think g&g is an appropriate range. Those saint chrispins are sweet, but two pair of shoes in that range in one year is starting a bad habit.
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Congrats man!
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G&G Sinatra's: the last pair of formal shoes you'll ever wear?


Very nice
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Lol, thanks jrd.
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I love the GG Sinatra, too. I plan to go by leffot in April when I am in NYC, but my thought was to have them made in a mid-brown or chocolate. Is the shoe too formal for brown? Sorry, don't mean to throw this topic off course.
And certainly, congrats skinny!!
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I have seen plenty of wholecuts, in various colors, that i would gladly wear.

Wear that brown, in town, friend... icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Thanks, I agree brown is good. I have a pair of ferragamos in brown with medallions that I enjoy.
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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
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