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Facial routine

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Need some help with my current facial routine. I do it weekly or at most twice a week. I dont get a ton of acne maybe like 3 zits a month but i cant seem to get rid of the black heads over my nose and im just overall trying to make my face better. I have really hard water which i think drys out my skin and clogs my pores so i have to fight that too. Anyway im looking for advice on how i can better my routine to be more productive.


Currently i do these in order :


Simple exfoiliating wipes- i honestly don't know if these are even doing anything for me. I really think i should move to an actual scrub

Kyoku face mask- I can really feel my face tightening up with this and i really like it. Negatives are that its a pain to put on and a really big pain in the ass to get off.

Biore pore perfect deep cleansing pore strips- The first time i used these it pulled out a lot of really big black heads.Now that those are gone they dont pull out that much from my nose and i can still see black heads everywhere when i look up close. They also are leaving glue all over my nose.

Neutrogena Mens face wash- I used this daily in the shower and also after i would do the entire routine. i think it caused my face to break out more. I started to notice bumps all over my face but they weren't zits, just tiny bumps. I have stopped all use of it and just use hot water in the shower for now. 


In the summer time i dont have trouble with zits on my face because i use a safety razor and shave my face everyday, which seems to really fight off anything. But now thats its winter ive got this issues i need to deal with. Any help is much appreciated!

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I think most people don't need anything more than:

1) An exfoliate that can be used once or twice a week

2) A daily cleanser that can be used in the morning and at night

3) Some type of mask that is suited for your skin type, 2-4 times per month

4) A daily moisturizer, SPF if needed

This goes for both men and women. Products like toner and eye cream are a waste of money and IMO are nothing more than a gimmick. I like Aveda's products, but I have to be very careful with moisturizer because my face is naturally oily. I used to use their SPF moisturizer but right now I'm using their aftershave/lotion combo and only apply it where I shave, and below my eyes. It doesn't have an SPF, which is the downside. I also use their exfoliate, clay mask and daily cleanser.

Daily wipes might be a good idea, but honestly I've never tried them. I use a damp paper towel. It's free and does the job. I think it would depend on the ingredients, as I wouldn't want to overexpose my skin to chemicals by using something continually throughout the day. For blackheads, I don't use strips, they never really worked for me. I extract them the old fashion way.
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Do guys here use facial masks? Not something I've ever considered, but am not opposed to trying if its beneficial.

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GF has made me try the mint julep mask. I liked it. Makes your skin feel refreshed.
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Just picked up some st ives apricot exfoliator and anthony logistics facial moisturizer. hopefully this stuff helps me out some.

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St Ives Apricot exfoliating cream? I bought that because it was cheap. I'm not sure there is much you can do about the blackheads. You can keep extracting all you want but your pores are not going to shrink in size and eventually something is going to fill in the space again. Ask people to film you in standard definition?
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