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Why does my phone need a controller that's attachd to my wrist? That seems completely redundant. If it doesn't replace e iPhone entirely I see it as a fail.

As I said, I wouldn't wear one as a replacement for a watch but read the article Greenfrog posted. It presents some great ideas on how this could be a powerful device in our daily lives.

Most of which were different ways that the iwatch would act as a remote for the iphone that is still in your pocket.
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they should have made the ipod nano bluetooth compatible, added some software and a bracelet two years ago. People spend $200 on an earpiece and $5k on a rolex, i can see thousands of people lining up for some goofy inspector gadget watch that costs as much as a pair of Nikes.

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Agree with most points mentioned above. could be interesting, marketing needs serious revisions, and this is not a next generation step but rather a neat new peripheral toy. Apple needs a next generation step and show they can actually continue to push boundaries without sans jobs.

They need to come out with a seriously impressive TV and/or a 'nano 'whateveriphone for emerging markets.
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...and Apple still thinks that it can manage people to purchase the edited products on the line. Laminate Flooring

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I actually think Sony Ericsson has already had a product like this out.

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If this company turns into a 1000k stock I won't be surprised, if it turns into a $100 stock I won't be surprised. such a grey area there right now.
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The screen would be too small to use in any effective manner, limiting its use to what, exactly? I'm surprised they didn't landscape the home screen on the iphone and fasten velcro straps to sides and call it a watch. I would expect it to be popular among a very young audience (18 and under) and, of course, the fanboys.
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Gruber's (from Daringfireball) been going on about how socially awkward a wearable computer like Google Glass would be. I actually agree with this, but wonder how he would rationalize an "iWatch"? What is it, but a wearable computer that's always in view? You lose the ability with both to just "put them away and out of sight" when desired. Don't all these devices face many of the problems that BT headsets do? Technology shouldn't be so in your face.
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