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Best shoe in the 400-500 range?

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Been looking to take a step forward from Allen Edmonds into something in that next tier of quality.  I've seen that the Alfred Sargent Exclusives seem to get good reviews, as do C&J's and Trickers.  


Is there anything that really stands out in this price range from a quality standpoint?  I wish I could justify the extra 2-300 needed for G&G's...maybe with my next promotion, who knows.


Appreciate any help!

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Church's and CJ's. You won't get GG for 2-300 more unless if you get lucky on B&S. However, I would wait to get G&G's

What are your sizes?
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In terms of what readily available to acquire, I would say Church's, Tricker's, and Alden (coming from Allen Edmonds & Clarks).  C & J seem to have a shortage of sort in most of the online store I frequently visit.  You could try Carmina's online store, but after paying for custom, and shipping fee, the total cost would be over the 500 dollar range.  

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So these are better than the AS Exclusive line?  I think I want a more european last so Alden is probably out.  


Thanks for the responses so far.  I wear a 13 D or E in Allen Edmonds so they aren't so easy to find in the BS forum. 

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AS Exclusives are great. You can also get C&J BG directly from them and they will run $400 and change. Carmina will run around $500ish depending on the shoe. Vass is also an option and will run around $500ish too I think. I like Tricker's but their smart shoe lasts are closer to Alden so that might not be to your liking.
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Church's quality is very hit or miss and it uses A LOT of corrected grain. Tricker's is very nice, but can be rather boring. You mentioned that you're looking for a European last/style, can you be more specific? More details are always better to help recommendations.
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