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Gambert MTM Questions

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I have been searching around for quite some time now, and cannot come to a conclusion as to which Gambert makes the best shirts. I know that many big names use them for their own private labels, but which is which? Who is used for this? Or does anyone have any experience with any of them? These are the three I have:

Skip Gambert:


Mel Gambert:



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Numbering the options 1, 2, 3 I've had good experience with #3. There is little to the store beyond the massive factory floor where the shirts are made & constructed. You have to walk through the factory floor o get to the small conference room cum display where all the fabric swatches, collar options, buttons, etc... are spread out. There was a women when I went there (last time was summer 2012) who handled the measurements and fabric/option selections.


I didn't ask many Qs as by then I had been doing custom shirts for a year so I can't speak to how helpful she'll be. Another Gambert location you've missed, who uses the same factory but has on spot tailors and is very knowledgeable about all things sartorial is Gambert custom shirts in Millburn, about 20 mins from the Newark locales.


This store is what you'd expect of a traditional bespoke shop. Decked out, big leather chairs. Ties and swatches on dedicated shelves on the walls. The staff there (Paul & Bill) are very knowledgeable and can walk you through everything. I've been going there since 2011 and use Paul to go view new fabrics, pick out/build shirts. He’s even made me some pants and a very nice 3 piece suit. Prices are the same but the selection is a bit clearer and there are more options. Overall everything is divided and organized.


the link is http://www.gambertcustomshirts.com/


any Qs feel free to PM me.

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