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Inexpensive jacket/blazer for parties

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Hello everyone, been reading this forum a lot the past year and improving my wardrobe. At the moment, I'm getting by with a really nice navy blazer at work and at functions. Looking to pick up a nice gray suit in a year or so (dont really need it just yet, a dress shirt and either a sweater or a suit jacket/blazer is standard dress code at my job, only when visiting clients is a suit really necessary). But thats not really what this thread is about. Tried finding this information by searching but I couldnt really pick up enough from what I found. 


What I'm looking for is a jacket/blazer/sport coat to wear out drinking with my buddies (some of whom are still in college, some freshly graduated essentially). Been eyeing a few, mainly at H&M and MQ (another Swedish store, sort of like H&M only a smidge more expensive). But, firstly I'm having a bit of trouble deciding between the multitudes of different colors, styles and above all else, price levels. My blazer is reasonably pricey and sits like a charm, and my upcoming "work-suit" is probably not something im going to go easy on, but I got another goal in mind with this one. 


What I'm looking for is not a jacket I can wear to work or to any formal event. What I'm looking for is a jacket that, while it fits nicely, and looks good, is also one that I dont have to be overly afraid of someone spilling beer on, getting lipstick on or getting sweaty from dancing in, some girl throwing up on my sleeve. Is it possible to look good on a night out with a €110 jacket(about what the most expensive H&M one costs here)? I wouldnt dream of wearing my blazer for a night out because of these concerns. Will be wearing it mostly with dress shirts, or maybe just T-shirts. Or should I step up from H&M a bit, and to what then? I dont think I would be comfortable wearing anything above €150 without being to cautious with it. 


Also, what colors should I be on the lookout for, full black? dark gray? Would you wear a more patterned jacket out on rough party nights? A suit jacket, or a sport coat?


Another note, I will be travelling to the US (Miami to be specific) soon, since clothes usually end up costing about 60-70% in the US compared to what I'd have to pay in Sweden, I'd gladly be buying it in Miami, so don't be afraid of recommending US stores. (For instance, the most expensive H&M suit jacket costs  $150 in the us, which is 950 swedish krona, whereas the same jacket costs 1300 swedish krona here in sweden..., I guess that gives me a budget of around $200)



Any opinions?


On a side note, are turtlenecks with jackets completely dead, suitable only for when pretending to be from the 70ies? And can you wear a jacket with a madras type dress shirt? Probably not, right?

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I have one word for you. eBay. As long as you know the measurements of a well fitting coat (should be easy if you already have one, you can just measure it) then it's easy. I have gotten a Brooks Brothers SCs for $20, a RLPL blazer for $30. Especially if you want a beater jacket, dude, it's the way to go. I despise H&M, I'm sorry, it's true. You can find far superior quality for much less by thrifting or eBay if you are patient.

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I have seen some nice jackets in Zara for about £90 and the quality seems good for the price. As for turtlenecks they seem to be back in fashion now.
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Yawn, someone else making far too much of things.

What do other people wear in the sort of places you frequent? Copy if you must and do not wish to stand out.
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For casual going out purposes, I think that a cotton unstructured odd jacket is probably the best possible option. Ideally it will have patch pockets and not have much of a pattern. I liked odd jackets with patterns very much but not so much for cotton unstructured jackets. I'd go with navy or tan but prefer navy. Black and grey are far less versatile (and the formality of black really does not go with a cotton casual jacket). This type of jacket will probably also be cheaper than something made of wool.

For sources, I'd second seeing if you can find something on eBay. Online discount websites such as SierraTradingPost aren't bad either if they deliver to you or you can arrange to have them deliver to a friend in Miami before you visit.
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