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Yup, people clearly seem to prefer Vass' Italian lasts, at least here on SF. But there's clearly one of those network effect things (if that's the right term) going on. I'd say the excitement about Vass is self propagating and self perpetuating to a certain degree. Absolutely not a knock against the shoes themselves, and ultimately I think Ozzy makes a good point that Buday is nice to have as our little secret.

And there isn't any substitute to trying on shoes for size, that's for sure. (Of course, again, lots of people seem to take the Vass plunge from a distance).

I was lucky that Ed had a pair I could try on that was just 1/2 size off, so that helped me zero in.

Anyway, let's talk about Budays instead!

I wonder when Ed will be getting his new selection in so we have new photos to admire of fox suede and oxblood shell etc. I think he said end of January so it's getting close.