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Hi, I'm new to style forum but I've read through a lot of the posts. I've learned a lot but I still have some questions. I'm looking to buy a tom ford suit however I'm looking strictly for worn ones since I really don't want to pay full retail for a TF suit. I've seen postings on the marketplace which sell them at around 700 which is alarming to me since a TF retails from 3-5000 so I really question the authenticity.

So my question is, what is the price range for a second hand TF suit and how do I know if it's authentic or not just based on pictures?

Oh and if you happen to be selling a TF suit that is a US 38R or 38S PM me please

Thank you!!!

Don't get discouraged. I know why you like Tom Ford suits. I loved them even before I knew they were Tom Ford. Being a brand whore isn't always bad. Some brands just get it right. Apple for instance. Are apple enthusiast labeled brand whores. Of course not, it's just a simple preference. I believe what the others wanted to know is why you wanted Tom Ford; however you came here looking for help for something specific; not to be scrutinized so I apologized that happened. The others are correct about having a back up plan though. I would love to partner you with a great suit designer/tailor that can design the exact look you want. Let me know If you need my help any further