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Fit of pants (Stcking to legs when sitting)

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Hello all,

I am having a little bit of a dilemma with pants. I am sure this is partly related to my build, but I am not sure what the best solution is. I have a slim frame (6ft 1, 175lbs) and usually wear a 32" in pants. The problem comes with the fact that i have big calves compared to my waist/thigh size.. I usually try to stick around an 8.25 leg opening on all my pants in order to maintain a slimmer looking silhouette. The problem is on dress pants/chino's alike when i sit down and stand up the pants "stick" to my calves and I need to pull them down with my hands. I am assuming this is not normal?

If I go bigger than 8.25", the rest of the pant looks too baggy on me. I am not sure what the best solution is. Any suggestions?

Thanks biggrin.gif
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you might have to get your pants tailored. most likely buy a bit larger then tailor them.

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Larger size needed possibly with some alterations. Does this affect all makes - have you even tried shopping around? If none of this works then MTM.
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Your pants should be tailored so that they taper slightly as they run towards the ankle.
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Sounds like you should look into pleats.
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I have tried multiple pants (Howard Yount, Epaulet, J crew classic fit, Lands end tailored fit) and they all have the same issue. They are sticking to my calf even though the pants fit great everywhere else.
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Shouldn't be too hard for a tailor to diagnose/fix.
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I have a similiar problems with my calves (I used to play soccer).

Compared to the rest of the body, they're really large. After sitting down, I often had to pull down the legs of the trousers to rearrange them...

I have never been able to buy slim-fit pants, although now I realized its not such a bad thing.


For me Uniqlo/Banana Republic worked for chino pants, Hugo Boss for wool pants/suits.

But lately, I buy most of my stuff at Suit Supply.

I would strongly recommend getting MTM trousers/suits if you really have that much trouble finding fitting trousers off the rack. 

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Any particular models at these places that you went with?
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For Uniqlo it would be:

Men Vintage Chino Flat Front / Men Washed Flat Front Pants / Men Stretch Cotton Flat Front Pants.

(Basically any trousers, which don't have "slim" in the name)


Banana Republic:

Tailored grey wool suit pants/ vintage chinos (relaxed-fit will make you look like wearing diapers underneath ).


For Hugo Boss:

Don't recall the names, but I would stick to Boss (Black) and Boss Selection.


For me Uniqlo offers the best value for money in case of chino pants.

For wool pants, I believe Hugo Boss is a bit too expensive, as you can get MTM in their price range. Therefore, I'd go with Suit Supply.

With my last 2 personal tailoring  suits I just ordered an extra pair of pants.


Buying a size bigger and getting the pants tailored did not work out for me.

As everything but the calves seemed to be ill-fitting afterwards and I started to feel uncomftorble in the pants.


Also stretching my legs every morning and before going to bed worked, reducing some of the mass. 

In my case a physiotherapist noticed, that the muscles of my thighs are a bit to short. 

Consequently, I used my calves much more when walking and running, ending up in building up extra calve muscle.

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