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My Denim Dilemma

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I recently just bought a pair of raw denims that were ridiculously creased. I have tried to remove the creases by ironing. However the creases are stubborn; I've ironed then (inside out) for the 3rd time but to no avail. I don't know what to do now. Any ideas?
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Did you wear them and they creased in certain places?
Your body usually adds it'd unique flare to raw denim.
If you don't like it however (as it seems you don't) , try the Hot first wash in the bathtub.
*Assuming you haven't washed them

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The pair is brand new and I have never worn it. The creases were present upon purchase, probably formed due to improper storage by the retailer. Will the creases disappear after a wash? They are sanforized denim so shrinkage is not expected. However how do I maintain the indigo in the denim?
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Have you thought about returning or doing an exchange?

Recommend this site:

Also watch this for bathtub wash:

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You probably shouldn't have ironed them either!!!

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return those shits, dawg. and stop fawkin' ironing them!
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yea, either return them or wear the shit out of them.
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yah just return them
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But DO NOT tell them you ironed them!
They might not take them back if you tell 'em.

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