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For Sale:
BNWT Maison Martin Margiela oxblood 5 zip (horse leather) - Size46

Will Ship To: Anywhere


MMM 5 zip



I'm sure many who follow the "best leather" thread know I just got this.

BRAND NEW, tried on 2 times, literally less than a few weeks old.



Oxblood red/ burgundy. 

I do not know how to explain it but the color is like a chameleon. Under daylight it is burgundy red, but under shade and at night time it looks seriously amazing, a really solid oxblood shines through (while I type this up the more I want to keep it, it is killing me)



Refer to the following post, I'm too lazy to take it out of the box to take pictures again.




The most sought after/typical size



The only 5 zip in this color and is offered in horse!

This will seriously last you until you die.

Really thick and heavy, beautifully oiled, feels really solid. (refer to pictures)

Unlike the old 5 zips, it actually has shape and doesn't fit like a box on the body, but tapers in.


For those of you who follow the best leather jacket thread, you will know I just got this.  Sadly I want this jacket but I’m worried I won’t wear it enough times to justify keeping it.

It was also supposed to go back, but I think I will not be able to ship my item back in time due to my damned indecisiveness.




If I can find out that UPS can send the item back to them in 5 days or less, this may just go right back, so for those of you who really want this is size 46, spam the site I guess?


Clearly also many want this jacket in this specific color since the day I posted as all the sizes have now been bought except the extra large.

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