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French Cuff Size

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I just got some shirts from the last Charles Tyrwhitt sale, and they generally fit pretty well everywhere (the collar is a tiny bit looser than I like, but is perfectly acceptable), The one issue I have, is that I can slip my hand out through the cuff without removing the link if I scrunch my hand up. 


Is it possible to have a French cuff tailored, or is this going to be a major issue?

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too large!
not really fixable.
the only thing you can do. is put a few stitches in the button hole closer to the edge.
closing up the buttonhole .
you could tighten up the cuff by at least 1/2"
but you will only be able to use a cufflink with a swivel stem.
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The larger the neck size the larger cuff opening.

Try TM Lewin their cuffs are smaller than CT.

Hermes has the smallest cuff opening. IIRC about 8 inches around....
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