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another trouser fit thread (Gianni Agnelli/James Dean examples)

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I stopped in Brioni today to buy a pair of wool trousers and to me the rise seemed strikingly too long for my crotch. I then looked at pictures of Gianni Agnelli and found that this is actually how he seemed to wear his pants:


before we look at Agnelli, this is very similar to how the suit trousers fit.. I wear them a little bit below my belly button. They are straight and then have that odd swerve/heft that sticks out at the bottom of the crotch area. Is that the way 100% wool suit trousers are supposed to fit? I thought it made the waist area look a little  heavy—while the rest of the leg being skinny—created an odd proportion.


(please click on image for the full size)

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When sitting down the trousers look like they do on Gianni, with the extra flap of fabric bunched up around the lap, and when standing they look like how Gianni's jeans look, with that extra heft/horizontal crease/line running parallel to the ground at the fork. That particularly seemed a little strange to me.. When I walk that crease becomes more noticeable and apparent, which reminds me almost of how swim trunks parachute up as they fill with water when you step into a pool. When I put one leg up to lean against something, again, that horizontal flap of excess fabric in the lower crotch area puffs out. I'm only 21, and they seemed to look like how an old man would wear his pants. If that's how they should look them I'm fine with that and will get used to it, because I want to dress properly—I just don't know whether they are actually legitimately too long, or if it's just striking to me because I'm not used to it. Do you guys have any input? comments...? I imagine Gianni's pants fit perfectly in both pictures, right?





and lastly, the fabric is super 150s I think he said.. Charcoal suit trousers.. They seemed a bit shiny to me.. Is super 150s good, or is that too high of a count? Thanks

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bump... would like to buy a pair of trou today so input would be greatly appreciated

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This ultimately is how they look on me... I know a long rise is supposed to make your legs look longer, but on me I think in fact it makes my upper body look too short.. I already have fairly long legs and a short torso—I'm only 5'8"—so wearing pants higher on my waist than I already do just makes things that much more disproportionate... I'm a 32 waist in Brioni and Incotex.


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